Billy Murray’s continual award-winning work with The PeaceFighters initiative aims to promote peace and respect through sport which fits perfectly with the ethos of Malone College as an integrated post-primary school that embraces cultural and religious diversity as well as being committed to developing confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline across the school community.  It seemed a natural fit today as both parties met to discuss and shape future events between the school and ProKick.

Next Wednesday 26th November, students will have the opportunity to hear Mr. Murray share his story on how his introduction to the world of Martial arts was a lifeline during a difficult period of his own school experience. This has subsequently lead him to travel the world training, fighting and promoting the sport he loves. They will also have the chance to be introduced to the key foundational elements of kickboxing in a fun and inspirational environment, and for those students who are studying GCSE Sports Studies they will have the pleasure (but mostly pain!) of circuit training kickboxing style. Be warned there is no difference between training world champions every day in the ProKick gym and putting GCSE students through their paces!

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the partnership between Malone College and ProKick will be when the teachers get involved after school. Much has been documented lately about the worrying health and wellbeing of teachers (even with their long summer holidays!) however next week the staff of Malone College will have the opportunity to have some fun while also focusing on their fitness and health. PE teacher (and novice) Pat Cavanagh has already laid down a challenge to English teacher (and green belt) Kathryn Warren…we will see who will come out on top next week!

Both ProKick and Malone College hold a high value for creating a bright future for the city of Belfast and are regarded as organisations which give and serve the local community well. Everyone involved is eager to see what unfolds over the coming weeks and months….