A #BIG #congratulations to everyone who #finished or was there on the last #Level1 #ProKIck #sparringcourse for #beginners.  Finishing the new 6 week sparring course at #TheOldTinHut was not an easy task, again well done. Every ProKicker had the chance to complete a tough sparring session in the ring with two different sparring partners and the session was film re re-live, look back and learn from. #WantSomeMoreOfThis - then Level 2 Low-Kick style kicks off right on the back of this course - 11th JAN 2017 Book HERE (Pictured above some of the experienced to world champions who helped the new beginners on finishing off with boxing & kicking drills.)
First sparring class at to ProKick in 2017

No.5 of the SIX week sparring course kicked-off at 6pm 21st DEC 2016 - hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years.

Week 4 of an all new ProKick sparring course kicked off on the 14th DEC at 6pm. The squad all had a chance of a spar in the ring (still very light contact) - the team went through a series of boxing and kicking drills designed for competition. 

7th Dec was week No. 3 of the new ProKick sparring class for beginners. The new sparring students were put through slipping, ducking bob & weaving and the importance of a jab. Also on the agenda was kicks and counters and finally boxing and moving in the inside when closed down. The class finished off with free sparring. Well done all, great job. 

#Week 2 of the New #ProKickSparring class kicked-off Wed 30th NOV 2016 at 6pm - on the agenda was use of jab - boxing in the inside and counters to round kicks

The ProKick Sparring level1 course kicked off Wednesday 23rd November at the #ProKickgym

"Sparring at ProKick isn't about getting hurt it is tailored for those wishing to have a bit of fun in a controlled environment. Said head coach Billy Murray, Prokick has a long standing success with those just wanting to part take as a way of getting fitter or down the line looking to compete. Whatever your reason for Signing up we thank you and hope you enjoy the next six weeks."

For those interested in sparring contact info@prokick.com or call the ProKick hotline on (028) 9065 1074. 

This is for the kickboxing enthusiast who want to step up another level and have a sparring session with the understanding that it is in a controlled and safe environment.

Have a look at some of the photos from this course CLICK HERE