The society 'Knights of the Circle is an ancient order established in Spain and they hosted the International School of Martial Arts Awards Gala 2014. This years ISMA ceremony was held in Valencia and the annual award is now in it's 15th year. The award process involves a panel accessing Martial Arts groups, and individuals, across the world with the aim to honour them at the prestigious formal event for their part in promoting peace. Murray, the founder and head coach at ProKick Gym, Belfast, was given the opportunity to talk about growing-up in Northern Ireland and about helping create 'The Peace Fighters`, his audience was made up of some of the most influential high-ranking Police, Army personnel, and Martial Artists in the world.

Billy Murray, who is co-founder of the Peacefighters along with life-long friend Carl Emery ( ), recieved the Humanitarian Initative Award of the Year at the event.

The Peace Fighters foundation works to bring children together through the practice of martial arts. The non-profit organisation is personally funded by Emery and Murray and while it has had a very positive impact on the local community at its current level the pair would like to see it grow in 2015 with the help of sponsorship.

The Initiative has received the personal support of the President of the Republic of Ireland: Mrs. Mary McAleese, the support of the Northern Irish Government and members of the Belfast City Council along with numerous Swiss, British and other country diplomats. And in 2005 The PeaceFighters had it's official launch at UNICEF HQ in Geneva. Billy and partner Carl Emery (Swiss) were the first martial artists to be invited to make speeches at the 25th Conference of the Human Rights at the United Nations.

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The story and work continues……..