Day 5 the final Day - Friday the 13th was it bad luck for our real die-hards of BBC - this is the last one in of our Boot Camps as we know them, it's like all things most of us grow to love, unfortunately they must comes to an end. We've been doing these style of Boot Camps off and on for about five years now, but for me over 30 years on-and-off. The last few seasons have been great with some amazing highs and lows with some great results.

ProKickers have been a bit wax on but more off than on with attendance. This week started with 16 even though 28 had signed up, it climbed to 20 then dropped off on our final day to 13 on Friday the 13th of August . Wow, it's a good job that I personally don't believe in that. My own philosophy is that we all make our own luck in life, but its more than just luck - 'we reap what we sow.'

"If the past has taught us anything it is that every cause brings its effect, every action has a consequence. Chinese have a saying: "If a man plants melons he will reap melons; if he sows beans, he will reap beans. And this is true of everyone's life;

In the end, we are all the sum total of our actions. Thus also, day by day, we write our own destiny..we become what we do."

Okayyy that's perhaps a bit deep, bottom line whoever stayed the course at boot camp have prospered in more ways than you can ever imagine. It was my pleasure to help and guide and thank you for your trust and loyalty.

One of the highs for me was on the final day you all worked exceptionally hard and after the final sprint was done. I said that was enough after running 10 minutes over ( ten mins doesn't seem much but it is a lifetime when it is intense exercising) you all wanted an extra sprint to try and beat your times!

And for me you all did in that one gesture.

Keep your eyes here to see what happens next.  

Day 4 - Thursday 12th August -  Big drop off in numbers today as only 12 turned up and on top of that Nuala dandered in 3 minutes late, sleep still in her eyes, she must have been working all night, awwwww.

Johnny the Gas man and Karl McBlain sauntered in about 10 minutes late. Johnny stuck his hand up claiming it was his fault as he slept in.

Mark and David were missing as pre-arranged.

Boot Camp consisted of a couple of rounds of shadowing as part of the warm up - floor work and hard circuits was the entire session in the class, no runs today except for those who were late.

Tomorrow is the final day and it could be an historical one as the last boot camp in a while. 

Some tragic news however round about 5,45am as Darren McMullan rang ahead of Boot Camp this morning to say that neither he or his sister would be there after receiving the heartbreaking news of the death of their brother - our heartfelt condolences and thoughts are with them all.


DAY 3- Wednesday 11th August -
Spoke too soon yesterday about being back to a packed old ProKick house; there was 3 on the missing list. Ah well, it's not all that bad as it's an extra £30 towards the Japan trip.

No real drama today, everyone was on song if there is such a thing at 6am in the morning. If there's not, well our guys are as close as we're gonna get!

Today's camp kicked off with a couple of rounds of shadow boxing, light stretching before the class was split into two groups - first group went on a mile and a half run whist the remaining group hit the bags and pads with yours truly. The 'Master Masterson' kept everyone in check. A quick switch of the groups before running the whole regime again.

Everyone ran a few more laps and THEN a dreaded sprint - the fastest times in three years.Well there was some contention over the timer, enough said on that subject.

The Birds are excused tomorrow as they are flying high in the sky on their way to England for a family meeting. Good luck guys.

DAY 2 - Tuesday 10 August  6am start.
Today was not disappointing - three up on yesterday - Charles was back with sore ankle on end of leg, Grieg heard the alarm going off this morning and Nula turn up and didn't she do well even with inhaler in hand! One missing - LINDA get here tomorrow 10-er in hand please, you got off last camp not this one.

Started on the outside with nice casual jogs ( don't know how many laps) back in the gym fast hand work, well, for some ( The Master Masterson was none too happy) he said, the class was on a go slow ( take it from me that's well EDITED) - I kind-of agree with him but all was hindered by confused instruction, sorry instructors ! Lets leave that one for now.

Finished strong with fast floor work and another few laps. Are you ready for day3.?

WOW the GAS man, was he SMOKINNN or what!

DAY 1- Monday 9th August - Started off at 6am

Packed house today as the Boot Camp started back and at a slow pace than normal. Couple of rounds shadow boxing, light bit of stretching, few laps of the gym then the dreaded sprints. Well done all on a good first day back.

Well mostly all, NINE missing from the Japan 19 - that's £15 smackers each please. Here's the deal, miss any more time and you're dropped from the trip.

Thanks to those people showing respect by notifying the Camp they couldn't make it this morning.With our Celts Vs Vikings event coming-up next month it's important that all competitors attend.
Take advantage of the 'Boot Camp' this looks like it may be the last in a while. We'll change the training regime

Below is previous Boot Camps at ProKick:

Day 5 - Yes it was the last day of this week's Boot Camp 19th-23rd July - but to be honest it looked like it was the first day. Meaning, there was a spring in the step of all our campers.(probably because they were looking forward to a lie in tomorrow morning)
There was no floor or pad work today - Laps, laps and more of them and in between them four sprints. Not for the gas man he was on two wheels, sore foot.
Two missing today, Mr Scott already was excused due to work but No Kidd - ing where was Steve? Overall a really good week of training and we raised £210 towards the Japan trip with a few fines to pay. Don't be shy you all - get the 10ers in please.
The next Boot ~Camp starts soon.
Submit names now on this article.
Fee's are £10 per member and £25 per non member

Day 4 -  Two on the missing list today. The Camp started very slow as some were complaining that their legs were sore after yesterdays run into the centre of Belfast. 

Some light stretching, shadow boxing, a couple of laps of the gym (which is 0.46 of a mile) back in for some fast drill work on the hands, followed by one of the best sprint times we've ever had by all, everyone beat their sprint time today. Including Mark Bird who got 1.56, others shaved time of their personal best as well.

Well done to all.

So back to the missing list, and this one beats all the excuses we've had so far - Murray received a  text at 3.06am from a disgruntled David Bird, in his own words this is what he said...

"Hi Sir, I know, look at the time! but just telling you that, that Mark fella has went out after training and came into the house there to get something, woke me at this time, that is bad enough but then he told me he can't take me to boot camp and off he went down the drive and into the car faster than I could get up out of my bed! If he wasn't my brother he would be getting a kick up the backside. Sorry for texting you this late but won't be there this morning."

Well unfortunately this still incurs a £10 fine, luckily for David though, his reason was so entertaining (although it would be wise to never text Murray at that time again!) That the fine will go to older brother Mark. That'll be £10 tomorrow Mark. 

Murray did ask Mark where David was this morning, but obviously that wasn't the reply that he got.

Let's see if our other Camper on the missing list has as good an excuse as this. 

In 9 hours from now the boot campers will be halfway through the final day of this weeks Boot Camp.

The slow group outside the City Hall, Belfast - The fast group were back having breakfast at the gym.Day 3 - Birds flown the coop - yes folks Mark and David were on the missing list plus one other, Stephen Huston. At least he's made a half ditched effort to explain - "hit the wrong button on the alarm", said Stephen.

There was a change of direction today as the boot campers were split up into 2 groups for a swift jog into the City Hall and back.Murray led one group by foot whilst Masterson took the harder option of sitting in the truck to lead the other group.

In fairness though he did switch between the two groups to check everyone was fine and picked up stragglers that were finding the jaunt to the City Hall difficult.

For some of the Boot Campers who are new to this fitness regime, a 6 mile run is a great achievement, well done. It ended by the group sprinting from the Holywood Arches back to the gym. Which is approximately half a mile uphill.

Well done Karl McBlain who was first back, the gas man Johnny Smith followed like a bad smell coming second along with Davy Foster and Neil Baxter came in a close third.

Two more days to go before the happy campers can have a much deserved lie in, let's see who keeps it going until then.


Day 2 - All present and correct bar one, however three were late. Welcome back to Darren Mullen who joined us today.

Brilliant sprints today, or should we say sprint. as there was only one. mark Bird and Karl McBlain ran in 1 minute 58. Incredible times from the rest, young David Bird with 2.02.

There was personal bests smashed by quite a few of our Boot Campers 

Then it was back to fast pad work and floor exercises.

Change of plan for tomorrow however, change of drills.

See you then 

Day 1 - 18 turned up for another instalment of Boot Camp. 9 missing from the Japan crew all of which will incur a £15 fine towards the fundraising. 

The first early morning training session in two weeks but it seemed it was the first of the year as the class and coaches seemed disjointed for a short spell. Fast pads and circuits was the order of the day, young David Bird said it was easy but others would certainly disagree.

Whereas brother Mark Bird is asking for a handy day to practice some technique. Masterson said that's not the whole idea of the boot camp, as it is for fitness but we will see what the week brings.


These latest Boot Camps are in aid of fund-raising for the upcoming Japanese trip. Which means it is vital that we get as many members to participate as possible. Non members who wish to take part can do so but will need to contact ProKick for prices on 028 9065 1074 or by email. Next Boot Camp starts Monday 19th July - Friday for a 5 day Boot Camp.

Boot Camp Blob for July 6th to July 9th:Get ready for the second Billy's Boot Camp in aid of our Japan trip at the end of the year. This is the first ever Camp we have open to NON ProKick members, however at the moment it is only for friends and family of ProKickers. These latest Boot Camps are in aid of fund-raising for the upcoming Japanese trip. Which means it is vital that we get as many members to participate as possible. Non members who wish to take part can do so but will need to contact ProKick for prices on 028 9065 1074 or by email.

Boot Camp No.2 Raised £310
Boot Camp No.1 raised £260
ProKIck members £10 for the week
Non Members 5 days £25 for the week

Day 4 - It was the final chapter of this weeks Boot Camp. The second Boot Camp in aid of the Japan trip.

There were 6 on the missing list today and you all know who you are, tut tut. 

Well done to our non ProKick members who completed the course. You done yourselves proud, that was a hard 4 days training. And for the ons who didn't complete you can try it all again not next week but the week after.

Today's camp was concentrated on press ups, press ups and more press ups, a few different variations of the said. Followed by hard and fast shadowboxing. Spins on the floor was the next order of the day, to help with balance.

And a big thanks to Will for suggesting piggy back races in a comment yesterday.

Our two young fighters, soured in front of all to lift the World championship Piggy back race to the top of Wilgar street. They'll defend their title in the next Boot Camp.

Next Boot Camp starts Monday 19th July - Friday for a 5 day Boot Camp.

Piggy Back races to the top of Wilgar StreetDay 3 - 22 today again plus two missing, our beginner James as been a no show since day 2, come on James, tomorrow is the last day and you have the weekend to recover and just because it is the last day doesn't mean its the toughest. Michael O'Neill is on the missing list from sparring and boot camp this morning, he is off on holiday, hope you have a great one, but you didn't book it off or inform the Master, Masterson and you know what that means.

A tired and sore looking group came into the rickety old ProKick gym at 6am this morning even Mark Bird said he was considering paying a £10 fine as he was so tired and found it difficult to get out of bed this morning. But he did and was glad as he had a great mornings training. 

No sprints today and everyone was happy with that until they heard it was piggy backs to the top of Wilgar street, everyone felt sorry for strong man Ernest Bickerstaffs partner. Some say Ernest is about 40 stone, but that's an eggaeration, he is more like 25 stone, and all of that is pure muscle. 

Tomorrow is the last day of a four day special, well done to all who didn't miss a day, and thanks to those who did, don't forget to bring your tenners. This camp has raised £300 towards the Japan trip.

Houston we have a problem - Stephen Houston nearly slipped under the radar, until we looked at the sign in sheet. Shame on you Mr Houston that will be £10.

Day 2 - 22 Campers again today but 3 new and 3 failed to show, one a beginner James Bingham and the other none other than Mr Michael 'Bright Spark' Swann. There was no spark today. Tomorrow let's see if he can ignite the passion with a tenner.

Also missing was Mr Anderson, he was rebuilding the Matrix perhaps. Bring your £10 fine tomorrow Mr Anderson that should make a good start  on the Matrix Greig!

Gareth Miller has decided to join us today, he didn't pay  his tenner fine, but he did pay £150 towards his Japan trip he is the latest one to sign up, it's ok Gareth you can bring your fine tomorrow.

Lance Thompson dandered in 30 seconds late, that's a £5'er Lance.

There was only one sprint today and everyone, except two, beat or matched their times within a few seconds. The fastest sprint time was 2 minutes by Mark Bird, and the slowest was 4.55 minutes by UNAMED. Still much faster however by Michael Swann, a nose dive.

Circuit training and pad work for the remainder of the session . 


Japanese training in the early mornig Boot opas these ProKicker's get ready for their trip to JapanDAY 1- Tuesday 6th July -  Starts at 6am. Information about the camp -

22 campers turned up for the early morning class of which no one was late. Boot Camps at ProKick are all about extreme exercising from sprints, floor work, pads and circuit training. 
Funds towards our Japan trip: When all have paid we will have raised another £270 towards the Japan trip. There is now 17 ProKickers going on the trip

Big thanks to some of our members for bringing  a few new guys to the Boot Camp -  This is the first ever Camp we have open to NON ProKick members, but at the moment this is only for friends and family of ProKickers.

Well done all on a good first day back at Boot Camp!.


Below is in brief of what happened at last week's Boot Camp.

Day 5 - and the last day of this week's Boot Camp - It was a case of hit or miss all this week at BBC as ProKickers have been a bit wax on but more off than on with attendance. The week started with 17 even though 25 had signed up, it climbed to 21 then dropped to 11. Today we hit 15.

A bit disappointing from days gone by when there 35 members and some days even 40. I understand this happens because Boot Camps back then were new and most wanted to take part until they found out how hard they really where.

Just two fines were paid today, well two and a half as someone was only able to pay £5 today and that was for 3 days on the missing list.

Good news, the Master returned to the fold today. He'd been missing for two days, we're still waiting for his excuse, as he has to think up a really good one. And don't worry boot campers he will pay the fine or he will do the time!

The class was split into two with one half in doing circuits and the other half doing laps, then as the half time whistle blew, they switched sides and it commenced again.

Someone asked yesterday on Prokicks chat box how far the laps where, they are close to three quarters of a mile. Also half of this is uphill. 

It's been another great week of training but most have said that today's was the fastest pace but yet most enjoyable.

Well done to Mr Russell, one of our advanced beginners, as he is definitely turning into the incredible shrinking man. 

Next weeks Boot ~Camp is a 4 day special starting on Tuesday 6th. Submit names now on this article. Fee's are £10 per member and £20 per non member

DAY 4 - Today was very disappointing - out of 20 people who signed up only 11 turned up!
Two of which had mentioned the night before that they would not be attending due to work - they were, Gary Fullerton and Mark Bird, no fines imposed.All the rest of you guys didn't notify .. and yes that's right FINES PLEASE.

WOW Also the GAS man too - have you ran out Mr S?Don't text your friend Karl and tell him you've been called to work, sorry, doesn't count, yeha another 10er towards the Japan trip. Take tomorrow off as well guys it's only £10.

Lets talk about today's Boot Camp, well done all who made the effort and turned-up. It was a tough all-action circuit with drills on the pads with Murray.

It is the final day tomorrow (Friday) of Boot Camp with no major catastrophies to-date - except 'The Master Masterson' is still on the missing list for a second day .....Will he be there on Friday?


Day 3 - Started very subdued and quiet, there was a silence and all before the storm. However, where was the master in all of this? Master the Masterson was missing, oh really Robert. No phone call, no nothing. 

A couple of rounds of shadow boxing, a little bit of stretching and then onto the sprints.

Mark Bird hit 1.58 yet again though it slowed to 2.08 mins, 2.09 and 2.12, all still excellent times. However the most consistant was Davy FOster with an excellent first time of 2.06, a drop to 2.13 and then two consecutives on the 3rd and 4th lap of 2.12. Well done Mr Foster.

There were other excellent times from Karl McBlain, Stephen Houston, Johnny Smith, Michael Swann, Greig Anderson, Vikki Coulter and Brian McMahon.  Not forgetting the guys bringing up the rear Ernest Bickerstaff, Russell Johnston who have got personal bests this week.

Too many names to mention but guys keep the good work up, all of you. Boot Camp comences for a four day special next week, Monday - Thursday.

Day 2 in the ProKick Gym - there was a new sense of enthusiasm for the Happy Camperswith three more recruits that already made arrnagements to have Monday off due to work, except for John Weiniger who was just back from his stag party, tut tut. He didn;t make Monday's class I think it was because it was called a hangover. Before anything was said John handed over an extra £10'er for the Japanese fund, yeha, take as many days off as you want John.

Amazing times today especially by Mark Bird  who got 1.58 in the sprint whilst Captain David Jones and the Gas man came in just 3 seconds on his heels. However the gas man ran out of gas in round number two with a dramatica 3 minutes and 16 seconds putting him from joint second to LAST place out of twenty. Karl McBlain said "The Gas man's burst his boiler" as Johnny Smith vomited up the street. Poor Master Masterson had to clean it up! We all knew he was useful for something though!

Thanks to Michael Swann - telling Campers to get it together in his comment. Lets hope its the same for the rest of the week.

Day 1

17 campers turned up for a busy belly busting early morning class which consisted mainly of circuit training today.

14 paid which means we have £140 towards the Japan trip so now we only need to raise £33'860. There is now 17 ProKickers going on the trip of which only 9 were present at the Boot Camp. 

A further 9 people put their names down for the camp and didn't turn up. Not good guys.

It was the long awaited return of Billy's Boot Camp after a 3 week break. A disappointing turn out however as only 17 recruits joined up. These Boot Camps are in aid of fund-raising for the upcoming Japanese trip. Which means it is vital that we get as many members to participate as possible. Non members who wish to take part can do so but will need to contact ProKick for prices on 028 9065 1074 or by email.