Earlier this month (7th March) 'The Peace Fighter' Emery was invited to the UN headquarter in Geneva to talk at the 25th Human Rights conference.

The Commander of the Spanish Order, Sir Santiago Sanchis who heads the Order of the Knights of the Circle at Jativa. Mr Sanchis has been aware of The Peace Fighters and of Carl's work helping others as a Police officer and Emery's incredible career as a Martial Artist.

Mr Sanchis  has also been involved in martial arts for over 60 years (he is currently 72 years-young). He is General retired of the Marines Corps and now lives in Spain, his native country. He’s name Commander Santiago Sanchis. He has been teaching self-defence and close-combat to the police and other armed forces for decades.

The Order of the Knights of the Circle of Jativa originated as a military and religious order back in the 1317 but nowadays the Order has become more of a philanthropic organisation which basically is a Group who seeking to promote the welfare of others with generosity  and benevolence.. The order essentially recognises soldiers and policemen within their Knights Circle. 

However, the Order have been very impressed with what The Peace Fighters initiative have accomplished in such a short period of time. And found that their own Spanish initiative was promoting under a similar ethos and now have pledged to do more with The Peace Fighters.

From now on we all must address Mr Emery as Carl anymore, - it's 'Caballero Emery (knight in Spanish).