Our next Wednesday night sparring session is on TONIGHT 21st DEC at 7:00pm

The 45th Wednesday night sparring session hit-off at 7pm - most of the class first strike was onto the scales, for a quick weigh-in.  For the newbies and current fighters that is. The class kicked-off with boxing practise and for the team who are on the next event fight-card they got some ring time. For those that didn't make it to the ring then there is always Saturday's 3-IN-1 CLASS to have a few rounds under your belt.

7th Dec - The 7pm sparring class helped the new beginners sparring class on boxing drills - sparring took a step up a level with most getting a few rounds in the ring.  After sparring a brief meeting was held for the new Breed who will take to the ring early next year.
The Un-Usual Suspects

30th NOV saw over 40 people come through the ProKick gym for sparring between 6pm and 8pm

Week 43 kicked off and tonight a lot of newbies joined the class all saying they are interested in getting into the ring. The night stared with 4 x2 rounds of hard curcuit training and right after gloves on and back at it. Some very good sparring on the floor and in the ring. Johnny Smith on the missing list..reported to have man-flu - Johnny 'the Swann' said real men don't get flu.

42nd Wednesday night sparring class went into fast-forward at 6:30pm on the 9th NOV. 25 kickers took to the ring in a 90min sparring session. First-up it was a circuit training session, boxing drills then sparring in and out of the ring.

Sparring was back on 2nd NOV at 6:30 - next week bring your running shoes.
An excellent night of sparring lots of ring-time for those who wanted that little extra kick in their sparring. 

Number 40 of the ProKick sparring class will hit off on next week on October 26th at the #ProKickGym
Full house at the ProKick gym as most had a few rounds in the ring. Johnny Smith was back training after his hand surgery, it was light sparring on the floor for the WKN world amateur champion. 

Its was 39th Wednesday sparring session of 2016 and with it brought a young but old face back in the old-tin hut. Former fighter David Bird was back in the house. Young Bird has been away abroad with work and an a weeks holiday was straight at it. (Welcome home and I don't mean to NI, ....To ProKick)
Johnny Smith was helping out again ( a Big thanks) he is well on the mend after a third hand surgery. Well done everyone who trained tonight.  
Check-out David Bird in Action

David bird in action

Week 38 Wednesday night sparring class restarted Wed 12th OCT - the class started with boxing & kicking drills then right into basic boxing moving on to kickboxing sparring on the floor and in the ring. Johnny Smith was looking after the fighters and some of the newbie sparring in the ring. Johnny recoverying from a hand operation.  in the meantime try this Saturday at 12:30pm 15th October for another type class. 

Number 37 ProKick sparring class kicked off tonight at 6:30pm 5th OCT - world champion Johnny Smith was at the helm - he started with a circuit class and straight into drills hands & feet, next up into sparring on the floor and for beginners a shot in the ring for some rounds. News is good job Johnny. 

The thirty-sixth ProKick sparring class kicks off Wednesday the 21st Sept. Old faces were in the house - Andrew Grimason & Mark Bird. Top director Michael Lennox jetted in for a sparring session on the final training night for world champion Cathy McAleer before she head of to England on Saturday for a title fight. Good luck to Cathy & Charlene Best - don't miss any of the action see the fights LIVE in your own home by purchasing the show  

The thirty-fifth sparring class kicked off as normal - the only difference was it was the last session for the fighters on the 'Back in Ards event

No. 34 sparring class kicked off on Wed 7th Sept - a full house were at the Old-Tin Hut as most get ready for our up-n-coming events

Let's Get Ready to Rumble - this was the 33rd WED night sparring class set this year in 2016 and it all happened at 6:30pm on the 31st aug. Most had a few rounds in the ring as ProKickers prepared for up-n-coming shows.

The thirty-first ProKick sparring class kicked off on Wednesday the 17th August.- Training was in full swing for two shows coming up; first, the 'ProKick Road Show' ans a week later world Full-contact Champion #CathyMcAleer is in England in hunt for a second world kickboxing title

Wednesday the 10th August seen newbies to top fighters all come together for a sparring class. Most every member had a chance to climb into the ring for an extra spar.

3rd August started at 6:30pm - and first in the ring was world Full-contact Champion #CathyMcAleer for 4 rounds with a fresh fighter in each round. Next up was #JohnnySwiftSmith #MarkBird #MichaelSwann & #VasizIvanon - all getting a couple of rounds each. 

SanthaRobb #JakeMcready along with other fighters and non fighters had time in the ring. Overall a goods nights sparring at the gym.
ProKick £rd of August Class

Wednesday 27th July started at 6:30pm - training at the gym were newbie, contenders & kickboxing wannabees to former European & world champions all at the #OldTinHut tonight Wed 27th July - champions #CathyMcAleer #SamanthaRobb #JohnnySwiftSmith #AndrewGrimason along with #MarkBird for a 2nd week. A great nights sparring at the gym.
Old Faces at ProKick Sparring Class

July 20th 2016 and it was all action at the ProKick Gym - another old member dropped into the gym Wiktor Gem - who left for NYC to work, the former purple belter always kept in touch and whilst back in Europe he called in for a sparring session. Welcome home Wiktor. World champions, Cathy McAleer, Andrew Grimason & Alex Coicoi were back in the ring along with a bunch of new talent. Picture of Victor Gembalski receiving his purple belt in 2011

We were closed 13th July - holiday time, we are back at it this Wednesday and with a new focus with various events coming up.

Wednesday 6th July 2016 is No.26 of ProKick's sparring class and it all kicked off at 6:30pm tonight. There was some good sparring on the floor and in the ring with some newbies having a few rounds in the ring. Former world champ Andrew Grimason was back in the house, he also got a few rounds under his belt. A visitor from the US of A joined the sparring class for the very first time - Connor Loy, ( No not Ruth's son, well she is old enough!)
Ruth and Connor Loy
Do you want a hard work-out or do you think you have what it takes to climb into the ring? If the answer is yes to either question then see you on the 20th July.
NOTE: to all Wednesday class, please bring running gear and ready to run before 6:30pm

Week 25 kicked off with most getting a few rounds in the ring, and the newbies have a go with the fighters on the floor. This will be Killian Emery's last Wednesday night at the ProKick gym, he heads back home to Switzerland after being in exile. More on this later.

Number 24 kicked off with most of the squad back in full training, as they prepare for the next challenge ahead.

Week 23 got under way with a lot of new members right after our Idols show. Light contact sparring was the subject of the night 'Control' ..

No. 22 kicked off on the 1st June 2016 - this was the last sparring class before the #ProKickIdols look here for - Results Pictures and free Video staged on Sunday 5th June 2016

Next week No. 21 kicked off on the 25th May 2016 - all the usual suspects where in the old-tin hut all working away like little beavers.

Week 20 was all about the new guys who will go between the ropes in less than 3 weeks at the Clayton Hotel in Belfast.

Sparring moved up a level in the contact side - harder sparring for those competing on the next fight-card on June 5th - and a move up a level for those get in for a little sparring.
ProKick Idols event June 5th

May 4th 2016 - #HardNightsWork #Wednesday #kickboxing #sparringClass May4th #pictured some of the ‪#‎ProKick‬ #fighters & first time fighters all in #training #session - next fight-card #ProKickIdols on #June5th 2016 at the ‪#‎ClaytonHotel‬ ‪#‎Belfast‬

The 27th April was the 17th Wednesday sparring class which kicked off for this year, and it all happened at 6:30pm - all the team were present along with guest Mr Carl Emery from Switzerland.
Wednesday 20th April
seen beginner sparring group working together and the advanced seniors and fighters in another group. There was some new ProKickers joined-up for thesparring.

 Wednesday 13th April saw beginner sparring group working together and the advanced seniors and fighters in another group. And on top of that it will be the last hurrah for the Fab-Four who have their last training session before travelling for a fight in the SUN. Fab-Four team ProKick

#‎WednesdayNight‬ #‎sparring‬ week 14 @prokick #BackInTheRing for most of the #class as well as ‪#‎WKN‬ ‪#‎champion #GaryHamilton #DingDong with #‎jakemccready‬ ‪#‎michaelSwann‬ & ‪#‎KillianEmery‬
A good ‪#‎evenings‬ work at the old tin hut. Want some more click link >>> http://prokick.com/news/article/first-sparring-cla...

31st March kicked off week 13 at Wednesday's ProKick sparring class - well done all who took part in the nights training session - 3 rounds of circuits first then to pads and some ring sparring for those who wanted.

Week 12 - was a marathon sparring class. The class was non-stop from 6pm until 8:20pm - boxing, kicking and pads & fitness work for over two hours of action.

ProKick Sparring Class

Week 11 -  Wednesday 16th March 2016 - Full squad in tonight’s sparring class - first up Circuits then hard and fast pads session and next up boxing work to kicks and ring work for some.Good work guys.

Week ten kicked off Wed 09th March - old face, world champ Gary Hamilton was back again tonight and looking sharp too. Will the Belfast fight again? or just having fun with his old sparring buddies.? Over 14 newbies took a step forward to say they wanted to compete on July 9th at the Clayton Hotel in Belfast.

  Week 9 - A ding-dong kicked of 2nd of March and with it brought a host of old faces, former world champ Andrew Crimason back again in the gym and looking sharp with-it. Scotland’s, Mikey Shields back in the mix with his old sparring buddies along with all the usual suspects: Smith, McAleer, Robb, McGready, Emery & baby Swann, with almost 30 newbies joining in on the action. A great nights work at the old tin hut.

  Week 8 - Eighth week of sparring for some new beginners 24th FEB - Andrew Grimason was back training along with all the regulars for non-stop sparring.

  Week 7 - Seventh sparring class kicked off at 6.30pm - Gary Hamilton was back in the house

  Week 6 - Sixth session of 2016 done-n-dusted young Swiss Killian Emery was back in the house on the 10th FEB

  Week 5 - Fifth ProKick sparring class kicks off again Wednesday 3rd FEB 2016 and special guests Andrew Grimason and Gary Hamilton were in the house.

  Week 4 - ProKick sparring class kicks off again tonight Wednesday 27th JAN 2016. if anyone wishes to become a competitor please talk with your instructor. These type of classes are to improve technique and allow our wannabe kickboxers the chance of a few rounds in the ring.

  Week 3 - special guest Mickey Sheilds from Scotland was in the house on 20th JAN. It was more than a sparring class, it was 3-classes-in-sessions - first was a circuit next pads and drills and after that came the sparring. Pictured are some ProKick newbies with some old faces in there too!. (week 3 completed)

  There were two sparring groups on offer tonight, on this the first night back for 2016 - The 1st. group was for the complete kicking novice - and the 2nd group was for the competitor at ProKick. Training started of with a quick fitness circuit, followed by boxing drills on pads and finally into the sparring, the contact side of the sport. All sparring is controlled and aimed at those wanting to take another step up the ladder in their quest for success.

  IMPORTANT, if anyone wishes to become a competitor please talk with your instructor. These type of classes are to improve technique and allow our wannabe kickboxers the chance of a few rounds in the ring.

  Welcome back to the ProKick Gym - the place were dreams come true, only if you’re ready to work of it!

  Wishing you all a happy, healthy & Prosperous 2016

  (Wednesday 6th JAN) saw the first sparring class of 2016