There was no shortage of drama at this morning’s weigh-in – or weigh-out in some cases! Donegal-based fighter Chris Coyle failed to turn up at the venue and after a series of frantic calls to his camp it was discovered Coyle, for some reason, was under the impression his fight had been cancelled.

Not great news for his in-tune opponent Gary Fullerton, who had put in weeks of hard training for the K1-style welterweight bout and aim of avenging his defeat to Coyle earlier this year. The pair were due to open the spectacular Fright Night show but Fullerton didn’t let his spare time go to waste.

The Belfast barman got straight to work on helping out but wasn’t hiding his disappointment.

“I am totally gutted,” said Fullerton. “Apparently they (Coyle’s camp) thought they fight was called off a couple of days ago but they didn’t bother to contact us, which is disappointing.”

Unfortunately for fight queen Ursula Agnew, her fight was also cancelled after Dutch opponent Soundes Arif failed to show up. After attempts to find the Belfast mum an opponent at short notice, there was no joy. Ursula was up for an exhibition bout with Gary Fullerton - but Gary spotted a packet of chocolate eclairs and began reeling out excuses while eagerly chewing.

Welterweight Aubrey Tarr, beaten by Gary Hamilton earlier this year, turned up without his cornerman, who had to pull-out at short notice due to family commitments. It is possible Gary Hamilton will take charge of his old foe's corner tonight - we will let you know how that develops.


So, here we are, moments away from the first bout and the room is buzzing with fight fans and pumping with the sort of music that will still be ringing in the ear at 3am!

First fight of the night is father of five - GIRLS - David Foster. David will face Frenchman DAVID CORIGLIANO in a 3x2min welterweight bout - and it's K1-style rules.  

Meantime, KENNETH OKUNGBOWA, Paul Best's opponent in tonight's heavyweight showdown, says he is fit and ready for the contest in spite of suffering defeat in the Irish National boxing championships earlier this week. The Athlone man was hit by telling body shots in his defeat to Drimnagh BC's Sean Turner but claimed the decision by the referee to stop the fight in the third round was unjust.


Tonight's judges are: Adele Robinson (N. Ireland); Tony Haberland (Holland); Duncan Airlie (Scotland); Gary Longford (Scotland), Kris Hanna (N. Ireland). Tonight's MC is former UTV sports presenter Gary Gillespie. 


DAVID CORIGLIANO is entering the ring to face David Foster now. It's FRIGHT NIGHT folks - let's get ready for the action! Gary Langford of Scotland is the referee.

A blistering start to the fight and Foster is floored in the first minute by a devastating punch from the Frenchman. Foster was down again for a second count, following a kick to the chest.  

Round 1 to the French visitor Corigliano. A superb start to the second round saw Foster swarm all over his man and he was unlucky not to force a knockdown in the opening seconds.   

Corigliano did all his good work in the first round but it was clear throughout the second round he was grappling for air. Foster's fitness was showing through - winning the round for the Co Down man.

Foster finally put Corigliano down in an all-action third round. Rising to the rousing home support, Foster was on top again throughout the round. What a comeback from his first round set-back.

David's proud wife and daughters will have a daddy with a black eye in the morning but a victorious one nonetheless. His performance has set the tone for the night. What a start! 

RESULT: David Foster beat David Corigliano 3rds PTS, K1-style welterweight.


Next up, it's KAREN MILLER vs BAILIE McCLINTON in a PROKICK INTERCLUB demonstration bout. Karen has been a Prokick member from the age of six and the proud young mum recently watched her son Joseph pass his yellow belt grading at the club.

A fine exhibition from both fighters - with young Bailie not giving his female opponent an easy time of it!


It's 5:57pm and we are ready for the Cruiserweight bout between France's Franck Langlasse and Prokick's Peter Rusk.

A super start and the first round goes to Prokick's Rusk, who took to dismantling Langlasse with a brutal series of kicks to the left-leg. The Frenchman was out on his feet as the bell rang to save him from further punishment.

But Rusk was at it again in round two, breaking down his man with his knee and kicks while keeping Langlasse at the end of his strong jab too.

Rusk takes rounds two and three - keeping up an amazing pace. The marathons and 10ks this guy has run in the past 12 months have paid off for Rusk. A clear winner against the brave Langlasse who did well to stay the course.

This fight was sponsored by Club O.N. at McCracken's Bar. 

RESULT: Peter Rusk beat Franck Langlasse. 3rds PTS, K1-style Cruiserweight.


Wearing a skeleton outfit, Aubrey Tarr enters the ring for his welterweight showdown with Prokick's Stuart Jess. This is a full-contact contest. Guess who is in Aubrey Tarr's corner - it's only former world champ Gary Hamilton, the man who battered Tarr earlier this year. Hamilton is working Tarr's corner at short notice - hence the elephant costume he is wearing. He thought he was having a nice night out! 

Tarr suffers a knockdown count as round one drew to an end. He was also on the backfoot midway through the first round when he walked onto a punch right from Jess.

Jess was on top again in round two - thumping Tarr into a corner with a big right and left combination while displaying strong and accurate kicks to Tarr's chest. 

Jess dominated round three, again with counter-punching and kicks that had Belfast man and Liverpool fan Tarr on the backfoot.

The man with the mic, Gary Gillespie, confirms what we all knew  - Jess is the winner. Jess receives a great reception from the packed house at the Hilton Hotel.

Maybe Gary Hamilton's days as a cornerman are numbered?

Stuart's bout was sponsored by Ralph Jess at Railway Auto Parts of Ballynahinch. 

Incidentally, that was Aubrey Tarr's 91st fight. He has 67 victories to his name. 

RESULT: Stuart Jess beat Aubrey Tarr. 3rds PTS, Full contact. 


We are taking a five-minute break from fight action. Quick, get the kettle on and come back right away - we will be here waiting! 


Okay, we are back and ready for more action. It has been superb so far! Prokick's Stuart Jess, Peter Rusk and David Foster have all won their bouts.

Next up, Prokick super-heavyweight Paul Best in his much-awaited showdown with Irish boxing prospect Kenneth Okungbowa. The Athlone man, a former U21 national champion, is hoping to forge a career for himself in kickboxing but so too is Best, the brother of Irish rugby star Neil. This a 3x2min round contest sponsored by Schwarzkopf.

Keep an eye on the live images from tonight's fights too! 

Here we go!! 

A stunning first round not short of controversy.  Best rattled Okungbowa with two big rights in the round but he too suffered from a high right hook from the Athlone man and was wobbled as a result. 

At the end of the round Okungbowa ended up on the floor after missing with a swinging right but Best continued to punch his opponent while he was on his knees - forcing referee Gary Langford to step in and warn the former Cooke rugby player.

Bleeding from the nose, Best was battling for breath and Okungbowa's boxing skills began to shine.  

He caught Best with some huge punches early in round three and it was a matter of when and not if the fight would be stopped.

Dazed, Best was fortunate to get a count from referee Langford moments before he stepped in to stop the fight in favour of Okungbowa.

RESULT: Kenneth Okungbowa beat Paul Best, 3x2min rds RSF. Super-heavyweight.


It's 18:53 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Prokick's Karl McBlain has stepped into the ring to face Robin Venken of Holland for a K1-style welterweight clash. Off we go again. 

The first round went to McBlain who battered the Dutchman with a catalogue of punches and kicks - combinations that left Venken dazed and confused in his corner. McBlain simply didn't give his man a chance to catch his breath.

The super-fit Prokick man went to town again in round two, swarming all over Veken like an army of bees but Venken managed to send out a warning sign with a punch that reminded McBlain he was still in this fight. McBlain finished the round with a sweet round-house kick that caught Venken full on the chin as the bell sounded.

Sensing victory, McBlain attacked again - and again Venken came up with warning signs. With the pace a lot slower than the stunning first round, McBlain finished the stronger of the two and secured a convincing victory. 

So excited about his performance, McBlain left the ring without waiting for the result!

RESULT: Karl McBlain beat Robin Venken, 3x2min rds PTS. Welterweight. 


After another great win for the Prokick team, the Iceman Darren McMullan steps up for his middleweight showdown with France's Alan Castejon. 

Castejon suffers from a knockdown in round one. McMullan on top for the most part of the opening round but takes a strong combo from Castejon as the bell rings.

Castejon complains of a low blow early in the second round and after a 10-second break the two are trading blows at a furious pace. Again the Frenchman complains of a low blow and McMullan fights on - but it seems Castejon is running on empty. 

The Iceman turned up the heat in round three, catching Castejon with crippling kicks. Castejon was put on the ropes at the end from the attacking McMullan, who deservedly took the spoils from the Frenchman.

RESULT: Darren McMullan beat Alan Castejon, 3x2min rds PTS. Middleweight. 


19:17pm: Here's another middleweight contest for ya'll. Irish fight legend Ken Horan, all the way from Galway, faces Sean O'Neill from Waterford. This is a full contact clash over four rounds. 

An even first round between the two Irish fighters - that was until veteran Horan cleverly stepped it up at the end with a fine display of boxing skills to redden the face of O'Neill.

It was Ken Horan of old in round two - pinning O'Neill to the ropes, he continued to out-box him.

But the younger O'Neill hit back and forced Horan to take a count from referee Gary Langford after he was wobbled by a big right hand.  O'Neill continued the pace, forcing Horan to take a second count. With the 10 seconds up, Langford took another look at Horan and called time on the Galway man, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

It was all going Horan's way until that moment when O'Neill caught him off guard, giving himself a mammoth confidence boosting victory over one of the ring's finest servants. 

RESULT: Sean O'Neill beat Ken Horan, 4x2min rds RSF Rd3. Middleweight.


19:35pm One more fight on this fantastic night of kickboxing in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We hope you have enjoyed the updates!

Aberzak Hasan enters the ring for his clash with Prokick's Johnny Smith, who has Gary Fullerton and former world champ Billy Murray in his corner.

This K1-style welterweight fight is sponsored by Company Haircutters of Belfast.

Hasan suffered an ankle injury early in the round as Smith chased him around the ring and scored with a plethora of kicks that unsettled the Dutchman.

The writing was on the wall for Hasan but he didn't come out of the second round - and Smith secures another win for Prokick. 

RESULT: Johnny Smith beat Aberzak Hasan,3x2min rds. Hasan retired on his stool before round two. Welterweight.


Wow! What a Fright Night. What a night of fights.

Our figures show more than 7,000 fight fans kept up to date with our live news. Thanks!!

Come back tomorrow to for more fight reaction and pictures.

Well done to all fighters and from our friends who travelled from France and Holland to compete.

Fight of the night? Performance of the night?

Let us know your thoughts!

Here's a recap on the results of Fright Night at the Hilton Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland:

RESULT: Johnny Smith beat Aberzak Hasan,3x2min rds. Hasan retired on his stool before round two. Welterweight.

RESULT: Sean O'Neill beat Ken Horan, 4x2min rds RSF Rd3. Middleweight.

RESULT: Darren McMullan beat Alan Castejon, 3x2min rds PTS. Middleweight.

RESULT: Karl McBlain beat Robin Venken, 3x2min rds PTS. Welterweight.

RESULT: Kenneth Okungbowa beat Paul Best, 3x2min rds RSF. Super-heavyweight.

RESULT: Peter Rusk beat Franck Langlasse. 3rds PTS, K1-style Cruiserweight.

RESULT: Stuart Jess beat Aubrey Tarr. 3rds PTS, Full contact.

RESULT: David Foster beat David Corigliano 3rds PTS, K1-style welterweight.