The Weigh-in were LIVE on The ProKick FACE BOOK - If you missed any of the weigh-ins then you can play catch-up, there is over 30 mins to look through and find your favorite fighter. Weigh-ins with Fab-Four

Team captain, #JohnnySwiftSmith was hoping to come in just under the 67Kg limit for his 2nd Pro fight, he hit all the 6's - 6:66kg just 4-hundred grams under.

Smith will have his second professional fight under K1 Japanese style rules over 4x2 minute rounds when he will face tough Spanish fighter, Adrian Alvarez at welterweight division - Alvarez weigh'd in at 66.2kg

Dundonald’s fighters, Jake McCreedy made 67.7 300 grams under the 68kg limit super-welterweight. His oppanant was 400 grams over and successfully took all of it off and made 68kg the fight-weight agreed.

Michael Swann under his first K1 rules match.also had no trouble as he tipped the scales under weight at 66.7 of the 67kg arranged. His fighter was not so lucky as he was 500 grams over - he took aroung 1 hour to take the weight off, and he did on his second attempt, well done.

Also travelling with the team is ProKick’s latest adopted son, Swiss champion Killian Emery of Geneva. Killian and his oppanant bout hit the weight on the money at 63kg

A huge thanks to the Gran Canaria-based champion Del Toro for looking after the team at his show.

The event will be streamed LIVE details will be here TODAY SATURDAY on