Our web-site ProKick.com is now Northern Ireland’s most visited sporting web-site, knocking the socks off more established main-stream sport web-sites and we are now ranked within the top 25th web-sites in the North of Ireland. We are also proud of our world ranking which is well under the 250 thousand mark and grows in popularity daily we are up 50.000 places from this time last year.

“It’s exceeded my expectations,” said ProKick founder and Irish Kickboxing lynchpin Billy Murray.

“I have always thought that at ProKick we lead rather than follow. We had a very good functioning site 10 years ago - before most organisations really even thought of it.

And a decade on, we wanted to have the best sporting site in the country – and I think we are very close to that now. It’s more interactive, there is space for all sorts of audio and visual and it’s the most important one-stop space for news and information about kickboxing, Irish Boxing and MMA events in Ireland and beyond.”

He added: “Anyone who goes to prokick.com gets a wonderful site and up-to-date news, that's the key. No one want old news that has not been up-dated, people want current hard hitting facts, events and reports.”

Thanks from everyone here at ProKick.com for helping us make the number No.1 spot for Sports web-sites in Northern Ireland,, for yet another year!

Have a Happy and healthy and a great 2011

Billy Murray