Here we Go here we go!.. Swiss Carl said that.. 

Gary Arrives to the venue and a mob of people wanting his autograph - he is escorted to his changing room. What an amazing atmosphere building !

Both fighters are in the changing room, wraps are on, Medicals and doctor have been seen and they are now warming up. The fight is scheduled for 11pm (10pm GMT) but may kick off sooner. Ops the last two fight end by Ko’s Gary will be en-route to the ring earlier so we better get ready

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Drummers and Irish dancers are now leading Gary Hamilton out into the ring for his world title bout against Bruce Codron in front of 2000 people and LIVE on French TV Canal+. All the pomp and ceremonies are over and its here fight time:

Round 1 - Both fighters have started with very strong powerful body and head kicks and as a result are keeping their hands high and piling the pressure on each other. Very even start

Round 2 -
Gary kicks high and lands

High kicking from Gary Hamilton landing on target although coach Murray is telling Gary to be smart and stop playing games.

Bruce the tighter fighter with Hamilton fighting somewhat recklessly. another even round-ish

Round 3
- Crowd start chanting Codrons name as the French fighter puts a lot of pressure on the Belfast fighter. Both fighters throwing such powerful punches and kicks. Codron possibly nipping this round.

Round 4 - Hamilton missed 6 kicks from the third round and was busier in this round to make the total of 14 kicks - another even round

Round 5 - An amazing display of kickboxing from the two talented fighters, so hard to split the pair as they battle for world glory continues.

Round 6 - Codron is the stronger fighter in this round throwing hard body shots and punches to the head. Gary countering well but falling behind and look very fatigued. Codron, clearly looks in control.

Round 7 -
Come on Gary was the cry you can do it


Codron stepping up the heat now as he is constantly throwing kicks and punches with most landing, Hamilton looks on shaky ground its worrying time for the Belfast fighter.

Round 8
- Hamilton comes out stronger this time and matches Codron blow for blow to score a draw in this round. Not listening to corner continues to work in the inside were Cordon is stronger. Is it because Hamilton is tired and he can’t use the ring!? Gary takes some big big shots from Codron.

Round 9 - Gary sweeps Codron of his feet and picks up on momentum to take this round, he has got a good chin took some great shots and caught Codron with a cracking uppercut that momentarily made the Frenchman freeze.

Round 10 – our phone line went down and Carl Emery lost the connection – come on Carl what is happening dial the number and tell us what is happening please!! OK he’s back ...the 10th a very even tenth round, is that it?

Round 11 - A much better round for Hamilton - Codron tries a jumping back kick but falls flat on his back. Hamilton gets told off after a sweep, referee said it was a low-kick (Kinda right) resulting in a minus point. Hamilton successfully sweeps and uppercuts Codron a few times. Hamilton may need a knock out to win however in the 12th round, but one of Hamilton’s best rounds, how does he do it when he looked out on his feet in the middle rounds....Come on Gary!!!!!

Round 12 – And the final round the crowd are on their feet - Gary going flat out to score a victory, Codron tiring, really tiring and tried to hold but Gary takes none of it and boxes his way out. This is definitely Gary's round a classy display of boxing and kicking from the Belfast Boy, the last three rounds were Gary’s best rounds in the fight – there’s the bell and it's down to the judges score cards now.

The MC gets the referee to have the fighters front and centre -
Andddddd the winner is ..Bruceeeee Godronnnnn!!

The winner is Bruceeee Codron!

The Belfast Boy Gary Hamilton lost narrowly on points - had a great last round pushed Codron from pillar to post but it wasn't enough to take the crown. Rest assured after this performance this isn't the last we'll see of Hamilton though as he fought a brilliant fight a bit reckless at times but showed what champions are made off.

Gary needs to settle at the right weight and find his feet there, 66kg is too big for him he really needs to campaign at 62.5 I really don’t think there is a fighter in the world at full-contact who could live with him at that weight!. Said Billy Murray.

Thanks for all are team back home who help prepare Gary and supported him in this quest and to the promoter David and his team and to my friend Carl Emery for all his help and his team for driving all the from Switzerland to support the Belfast Boy.

Stay tuned to for updates as they happen