The all important weigh-ins for KICKmas 2015 was staged at the Mercedes Benz & Smart state of-the-art new workshop on Boucher crescent in Belfast. KICKmas 2015 received a another SMART well timed boost for ProKick’s annual Christmas show.

  A massive thanks to Mr Paul Dobson of Mercedes Benz of Belfast and all the staff form the sales, workshop and restaurant staff.


Check-out the fight weights below:

  WKN Full-Contact Amateur Lightweight world title 54.7kg
Full-Contact rules 5x2 min rounds
Cathy McAleer 54.7kg (Belfast, NI) Vs Ariana Siegel 54.4kg (USA)
Bout Sponsored by smart at Mercedes Benz of Belfast

WKN Pro-International K1 style match Welterweight
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 3x3 min rounds
Johnny Smith (Bangor, NI) 67kg Vs Samuel De Blake 66.5kg (Canada)
Bout Sponsored by PPLK & Pennisula Print

WKN Amateur Welterweight world title 66.7kg
Low-Kick rules. 5x2 min rounds
Samantha Robb (Tyrella, NI) 66.5kg Mallaury Kalachnikoff-Lakli 64kg (France)
Bout Sponsored by Panther Solution Today

WKN Professional -International K1 style match Super-Welterweight
K1 Style Oriental rules. 4x2 min rounds
Rafa Del Toro (Canaria Islands, Spain) 69.2kg Vs Martin Conroy 69.5kg (Galway, IRE)

Bout Sponsored by smart at Mercedes Benz of Belfast

WKN Amateur Middleweight world title 76kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5x2 min rounds
Darren McMullan (Ballygowan, NI) 76.4 Vs Lukasz Paprocki 75kg (Poland)

Bout Sponsored by Friends and Family of Darren McMullan & Pennisula Print