Come June 5th @ClaytonBelfast some ProKick Kids will go through the ropes at #BillyMurray ‘s next event ‘ProKick Idols - the city centre hotel will see the Kids share the lime-light in a fun, controlled yet competitive light-contact kickboxing event.

  Pictured above are five young ProKickers aged between 10-13 year-old who may compete on the show packet with national and world champions.

  Left-right back: Grace Goody (girl) (ProKick) age 13, Bailey Allen (boy) (ProKick) age 12. (Centre) Taylor Armstrong (girl) (ProKick) age 11. Front Left-right, Joseph Millar (boy) (ProKick) age 10 and Riley Hamilton (boy) (ProKick) age 10. Tickets are available from here