What a Hoost for ProKick's young amateur kickboxers as Murray is finalising a trip of a lifetime to compete in Tokyo Japan.

The ProKick kickboxing team will make history later this year when it represents Northern Ireland against the very best amateur Japanese fighters in Tokyo.

Former world champ Billy Murray has received the backing of K1 fight legend Mr Ernesto Hoost when the K1 legend was over last weekend to select an elite squad for what will be a daunting yet historic trip to the Far East.

Mr Hoost lent his support to the adventure when he wined and dined with hopefuls at the popular annual Prokick Bash ‘n’ Mash Awards(June of this year) at the Hilton Hotel Belfast.

The Dutchman, also held a Masterclass in the city the following day at the famous ProKick Gym.Murray is excited about the venture:

" What a chance for those fortunate enough to travel and compete in the home of K1. Whilst there, the team will also have the chance as spectators to take-in the World Grand Prix K1 final.

Murray added, I'm so pleased with the response so far - I just mentioned to a few of our young amateur fighters about the trip and already the interest to travel and compete is great." And we saw that tonight when 15 fighters ( Back in June)  met to talk about the fund raising for the young competitors as the trip will be entirely financed through ProKick and its endeavours."

The lucky 19 are:Ursula Agnew,Greig Anderson,Gareth Miller, Andrew McCreary, Colleen Bell,Mark Bird,David Bird,David Foster,Gary Fullerton,Stephen Houston,Karl McBlain,Michael O'Neil,Johnny Smith,Michael Swann,Chris McCosker,Ernest Bickerstaff, Nuala Ward,Robert Masterson, and Billy Murray

L-R K1 fight legend Mr Ernesto Hoost, Billy Murray and Ryusei Doi in Korea Mr Hoost recently opened an Ernesto Hoost Gym in Tokyo and it is run by one of his most trusted students 'Ryusei Doi' who will run the event and help with the match making.

Pictured L-R K1 fight legend Mr Ernesto Hoost, Billy Murray and Ryusei Doi at a K1 final 16 in Korea



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 October 23rd - ProKick Disco at the Shandon golf club, organised by Mr Gary Fullerton. Tickets are £5 and selling fast.

September 29th -  Japan meeting took place and went well - it was agreed to hit the fund raising trail to the city centre this Saturday -  outstanding money for ballot tickets was on the agenda. If the total outstanding isn't paid by Saturday that person or person will be dropped from this specific fundraiser and will receive no support from the prokick Lotto.

All those travelling must bring in passports tonight. 

September 25th - Another roll over this week, total raised for the lotto was £281 - £50 for the jackpot equals £231

September 22nd - All those travelling to Japan at the end of the year - MUST and repeat MUST have all their lotto tickets up-to-date this weekend Saturday 19th Sept. There will be a meeting for Japan Wednesday 22 September at 7.30. There is no fighters class Wednesday however you can train at 6pm all MUST be in attendance! Fighters who fought on the Celts Vs Vikings attend a meeting Saturday 11.45am before sprints at 12.15 followed by the Pads & Sparring class 1.45pm - If for any reason you can't make it - Call coach Murray on his mobile.    

September 18th -   Ursula Agnew has organised bag packing at Iceland on the Cregagh Rd this Saturday. Other ProKick members also packing costumers bags - are fellow team mates for Japan - Colleen Bell, Karl McBlain and Chris McCosker there is room for one more helper for this Saturday, any offers?

September 18th - £410 raised on the lotto minus £50 = £360

September 11th Saturday - after five roll-overs we have a winner This weeks winner of a 5 week roll over is Stephen Houston £300 -.           

September 9th - Up-date from Mr Ernesto Hoost - the fights will happen on the 5th December, more on this after our Celts Vs Vikings event

September 4th Saturday - Another whopping week at prokick Lth Saturday - proKIck Lotto - No winner however the lotto raised  £430otto the group lifted £560 towards the Japan central fun. Well done Gary Fullerton for hassling everyone,, it's working keep doing what you're doing Mr F.

August 28

August 21st Saturday - most of the Japan team were at the city hall and around town - the squad managed to lift an amazing £520 just about 3 hours work. 

August 21st Suturday ProKick Lotto - No winner this week again August 21st No's are 1-8-16. It's a roll-over yet again until next week with a top prize now sitting at £200 - please get your new tickets for next week - draw on August 28th.
Prokick lotto has raised a WHOPPING £720 minus £50 for the winner and minus £30 for new collection buckets 

August 14th - Saturday ProKick Lotto - August 14th Totals £170 - £50 for the winner, it's a roll-over the week for the 21st August. Jackpot £150
£120 hits the Japan fund

August 14th - There was a meeting pre-arranged by all on Wednesday the 11th - nine did not turn-up, only one made excuses' ahead of meeting for time off. Meeting was postponed until after the sparring on Wednesday 8.15pm EVERYONE must be available.

August 9-13th Boot Camp was back for another week, £170 lifted towards the trip 2 still two to pay plus two fines to come in.. Boot Camp

August 11th - There was a meeting at 8pm on Wednesday 11th August - right after the fighters class. Most members brought a further £200 towards the trip. On the agenda was the fundraising campaign. Some are doing very well and others are lazy sods.

It was the groups intention to be more proactive on the fundraising. New ideas were tossed into the hat, some good ones at that. 

More on this as we update. 

August 9th Boot Camp is back for another week, will let you guys know how muck nearing the end of the week.

Lotto for Saturday August 7th Totals £220 - £50 for the winner, by-the-way it's a roll-over this week for the 14th August.

Amount raised for Japan £170 

31st July - Here's an up-date on our fund-raising for the trip to Japan.It's been a couple of slow weeks on the fund raising front

Last Saturday's Lotto the 24th July raised £207. No winner that week it was a roll-over

This week the 31st July we were well down on tickets sales and returns of tickets. 31st of July raised £147

Totalling for the two weeks £354 - minus £100 to the winner as it was a roll-over jackpot

Amount raised for Japan by Lotto - £ 254

Very few fighters and travellers returned their lotto tickets, they must be returned this Wednesday the 4th August or before at the fighters class at 7pm. No exceptions, all returned please!

Boot Camp 19-23rd July raised £210 with £40 still owed on fines, cough-up guys. (Included on the 19th summery )

Boot Camp
There were NINE from the Japan trip who were missing at last Boot Camp ( they did not or could not attend) they all owe £15 each. These 'Boot Camps' are all in aid of the Japan trip and if you (The Traveller) cant' attend for whatever reason then contribute financially, after all your team mates who attend are paying into the fund plus doing the training.

Friends and family Raised £376 and the most of that was by Colleen Bell £326, come on guys get the finger out!

Total raised from the 20- 31st July £ 630

Grand total to-date at 7.25pm on the 31st July is £3075.
This does NOT include our flight deposits

19 July - We have had two lottos since the last meeting which have been very successful raising £515 (minus £100 of which went to the winner) for the guys travelling. the first week there was no winner which meant it rolled over with £100 up for grabs and it went to one lucky winner Patricia Melanaphy- congratulations Patricia.

Total raised so far:

Boot camps is £750
Lotto to date is £415
Friends and Family £1170  - this is individual money and not part of the central fund.

Some members stil have to bring in the second part of their deposits for the flights, we need this asap so we can book. The longer you guys leave it the more it may cost.

Our ongoing strategy at the moment is to concentrate on the lotto tickets and the final throw of the dice at the friends and family.

29th June - Since our last meeting below we have increased to 19 members who will travel to Japan. Deposits are now in, and we have a total of £1700 and a further £210 from our first Boot Camp. There have been many ideas in ways of raising money which will be put in effect over the next few days. 

In the meantime try and help our members not just with ideas but by putting them into practice for them. 

A further meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night (Wednesday 30th June) where we will have all of the team photographed to show you the lucky group.

The lucky 19 are:
Ursula Agnew,Greig Anderson,Gareth Miller, Andrew McCreary, Colleen Bell,Mark Bird,David Bird,David Foster,Gary Fullerton,Stephen Houston,Karl McBlain,Michael O'Neil,Johnny Smith,Michael Swann,Chris McCosker,Ernest Bickerstaff, Nuala Ward,Robert Masterson,Billy Murray

Next Billy's Boot Camp is scheduled for  Monday 5th July for 4 days until July 10. Non members are welcome, please contact ProKick for costs.

15th June - The trip to Japan took a step closer as 15 wannabe travellers attended a special meeting about the trip of a lifetime. What a Hoost for ProKick's young amateur kickboxers as they met todiscuss cost, fundraising and arrange time of work - all for the chance to compete in the 'Land of the Rising Sun' - Tokyo Japan.