The team finished off with some #consturtive #criticism and #discussion in reference to the sparring with the un-usual suspects who will climb into the ring come Feb 5th in N,Ards #Queenshall - Want some of this then our first new beginnersClass of #2017 kicks off. Sign-up Today

TODAY SATURDAY 31st DEC will be the last class at ProKickGym in 2016 - the last class in another crazy bust year at the #OldTinHut .The three-in-one style class this afternoon starts with circuit training, followed with pad work and then light sparring a three-in-one style class.

The Saturday 'three-in-one' style class is open to all ProKick members who would like to have a bit of everything in one session in a well controlled structured environment.

This Kickboxing Master-Class is open to all levels from non-competitors to ProKick fighters. Non fighters will mix with the same level of members and will not spar with ProKick fighters.

Saturday's agenda:

Circuit training
Pads work
Light sparring

More details will be given at class or if you want to hear more ring the gym’s hot-line on 028 9065 1074.

Please be early, you can start warming up from 12.15pm.