This regime what ProKick fighters go through before a fight. ‘Billy’s Boot Camp’ the Wide Awake Club - 6am in the fresh and dark open air; this is the type of thing that needs to be done if you want to become super FIT.

The ProKickers will show their dedication to get fit by signing up for the week-long camp: Coach Murray believes it’s the best thing if you want to get fit “nothing beats early morning training, you will feel the benefits in just one week. You will train like professional athletes and will see amazing results in just a few days.

Billy's Boot Camp starts Monday to Friday at 6am the cost is a mere £15 for 5 days (This is not included in monthly payment fees)– Monday – Friday - starts 6am every morning and lasts 45mins long.

With every extreme fitness programme there are extreme penalties in place for these who are late or if you don’t show after signing up for the week-long camp.

For further details and to join the BBC (Billy’s Boot Camp), contact the ProKick hotline on 028 9065 1074 or drop us a mail to for a membership form for the week.
This offer is only open to Prokick members and fighters only.