Here goes…:

I stayed in my Grandad`s last night 16-02-15. Adele you snore way too much. At precisely 2:56 am 17-02-15 Mr Clifford kindly collected us and took us to Dublin airport. It took around an hour and a half - well done and thank you kind sir. The gift you give me was also very kind too, I’ll bring you a present back, thats if we return….

Got some goodies from shop and guess what I’m in the paper…the Irish News!

Checked-in to London then had breakfast and I`m typing this myself on-board a BA flight to Heathrow .....First class I’ll let you all know.

17-02-15 had a good flight watched 2 movies. Arrived in LA airport got pulled over by security, the customs are very strict in the US. But they were nice.

Checked into hotel, wow we have our own mini-bar.

At the Oscar Reception in Hollywood USA Got my suit on, went to Oscar reception. What an amazing night loads of pics and TV interviews & and met loads of really nice people. Watched lots of films, they were all really good. I met Sean Austin and signed lots of autographs.


18-02-15 - Got back to hotel 1am that’s 9am UK Belfast time



A Big breakfast in the good old US of A





18-02-15 - Wednesday morning granda had to waken me up said lets go we are late, showered again. Breakfast - Buffet type no time to enjoy andexplore the feast Got breakfast it was egg sausage potato and pancake.









Jumped in a cab, met up with director Michael Lennox and writer Ronan Bladey all of Boogaloo & Graham. Also met two very cool and very nice BBC guys.
Went to Hollywood sign got pics taken and Michael was interviewed.

Headed back to city to Chinese man theatre and was interviewed by BBC and then I interviewed a lady, they followed me around with Michael and Ronan. Had a chance to walk on RED carpet BUT only a few steps as they were getting it ready for the Oscars on Sunday.
Picture from Hollywood USA

We were done, started are way back to hotel got lost, walked for miles, got supplies for room. We chilled a bit in the room tired, NOT me the old boy. I called home to talk with my mum telling her all about what happened, talked with Leo it was nice. .

We explored the hotel and hit the pool, heated outdoor pool lovely in the 23oC sunny shine. Back clean-up, don’t know why as we were swimming. went to dinner I got to pick where - went to HardRock Cafe real cool and Live band playing while we eat how cool is that! Sent some photos and video to family wishing they were here…Not! I might come live here I like America.

Walked a little, we were thinking of going to see a movie but granda said I was to tired, but I think he was. Back at hotel washed and cleaned again sitting in bed in LA blogging, lets see what tomorrow brings …Night Night

18-02-15 Thursday - Slept well up at 7am wash and ready. Got breakfast, it was better than yesterday (Wednesday 18/02/15) and then I went to the Beverly Hills Hilton to meet Michael the director. We had another mini breakfast and got a diet coke granda talk for a while. When I come back to America I will stay here next.  Another taxi and we went back to our hotel to get ready for trip to Universal Studios. We were ment to go to Disney world but we couldn’t because there was a bbc interview yesterday and by the time it was finished it was too late to go…so back to today. Granda done a deal to get VIP tickets but by the time we got it organised the woman realised oops you’re not going to get it all fitted in. We decided to go for lunch caviar and chips that’s what famous people eat DISGUSTING.
Back to the drawing board went for our universal tickets again a short tour and suddenly there was a situation outside the front of the hotel. They, the police had the a scene cordoned off with special crime tape we were told by staff to leave the front of the lobby with police everywhere. We were told to go to the first floor where there was talk of the whole hotel being evacuated my Granda asked what was going on they were very vague and said best to go back to your room until further notice so therefore we are in our room on a sunny day without a clue what’s going on! Granda is on the phone to reception more later…this is Riley Hamilton reporting for locked up in our room…

14:20 local time and we receive a call from reception the the LA police have informed them that police have cordoned off a liquor store and couldn’t give any further information at this time. 
Bomb alert outside our hotel in Hollywood USA


Okay Murrayatchi said lets go so we are heading out it’s 2.30pm 10.30pm back in the UK - will let you all know what the whole thing was about later.

Walking to the lift a we heard like a bang, granda said it was an explosion, wow


We finally made our way down to the meeting point where everybody was waiting and hanging around there was lots of policemen all running around like something out of a movie that we would see on TV. Granda was told to move by police,why? He was trying to get photographs where he shouldn’t have been we went out to mall and he started to take more photographs and he was told to move again by a really big cop that was taking no nonsense.

Riley entour around Hollywood as he shops on Rodeo DriveWe went for a walk down the boulevard away from the hotel and later we were approached about a Hollywood tour they asked us for $90 for the two of us after a bit of negotiation the guy came down in price to $60 for a two hour tour and it was worth it! I learned a lot about where celebrity’s hang outs and Hollywood and the movie industry. The guide was really funny and nice he -

pointed out Kim kardashian, I had to tell my granda who she was so I told him but I think he knew.


We came back to the hotel and asked reception what was the story about the evacuation and the police closing the whole area off and stopping us from getting to Universal Studios??  But I didn’t mind because the tour was really good I enjoyed it more than my Granada. They said there was a controlled explosion and police had it all in hand nothing to worry about, already knew that because granda showed me the robot at the car in a photograph he took.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Back In the room deciding where we were going to eat it was my choice again. We decided to stay and chill in room for half an hour but after that I don’t remember anything andHaving fun in the pool, a little time to rest - not all work woke up at 4:45am can’t wait until breakfast I’m starving. I’m heading home today I would like to stay longer but I need to get back home for school on Monday, and I miss Leo my wee brother. Before that happens I think we have a sky news interview and the bbc radio this morning after that you can catch me at the pool….


Done some exercising couldn’t sleep got breakfast at 6:30 but it wasn’t open so we went for a walk until it opened, we walked outside and I had my PJ’s on. We got some breakfast and then we went to the room to get ready before we went for our interview at the Andaz Hotel west Hollywood for our interview.

Michael and Riley interview for Sky News UKAt the interviews - We done a Sky News interview. The presenter was lovely. She interviewed Michael first and then the both of us. After I had a bbc interview granda was asked question too it went out live from LA, pretty cool. .After we left and said bye and good luck to Michael went back to the hotel to pack up.  We gor ready went to the pool for quick dip for a  while. When we got back to the room we got dressed and went to the lobby for our boarding passes and to check out. We got a Bus to the airport. We checked-in went through security in about ten minutes. We got gifts for everyone and then proceeded our gate. We are sitting ready to board for our first leg home a snip at a ten hour flight first class the whole way my Granda he’s the best…NOT!!!
More in ten hours time…


21-0215 Arrived back in London - slept the whole way, got through security which only took 5 mins - last time I went to London security in Belfast took forever. Going to the gate for the Dublin flight. Surprisingly I have no jet-lag but I’ve never experienced it before. Granda looks busted he didn’t sleep on the plane. Ha!I had the window seat! More when I get home and if i’m not too tired i’ll do a very brief summary of my amazing time I had in the USA.

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