Santa took time out of his busy schedule to pay a quick visit to the boys and girls in the gym and to hand out some presents to all the hard working kids. Before Santa said goodbye he asked all the children to be in bed early for their parents on Christmas Eve and to be good

The ‘PROKICK SAYS’ children’s competition day was another resounding success. Over 50 underage talents took part in the event aimed at improving fitness, discipline and co-ordination.

The fun day also gives young kickboxers an opportunity to experience competition using their martial art skills.

Prokick coach Billy Murray said: “Underage members are not allowed to compete in full-contact kickboxing until they are 15 years of age. So, from the age of six they are learning the art of kickboxing but not the application.

“I want to give the young members an opportunity to put their skills into practice, mixing competition with fun. The idea stems from a game we have played for many, many years at the gym, Prokick Says, our version of Simple Simon Says and who would believe that we’re on our twenty-second year of kids competition!

“We have rolled a number of games into one big occasion and the kids love it. Everyone was a winner and everyone went home with a present. It’s important to us at Prokick Gym that children learn about self-discipline, self-defence and grow up in a respected and disciplined environment.”

“I can’t believe we managed to secure Santa as Special guest of honour especially at this time of year when he is at his busiest, thanks again Santa from all at the ProKick Kickboxing school of excellence in Northern Ireland.”

ProKick’s, Billy Murray may even invite Mr Claus next year in 2015 to take part in the 23rd year of ‘Prokick Says’ competition. And who knows Santa may even win a medal.

Merry Christmas everyone
ProKick Gym

                                         All the individual pictures of the kids will be posted on the ProKick Gallery very soon…