THE Irish President Mary McAleese sent a personal message of support to the launch. The initiative, which was conceived in Belfast from years of work between Murray and Emery, will promote peace and understanding for children across the continent through sport.
It will bring together leading groups involved in martial arts and combat sports across Europe and organise inter-community meetings and/or international events including competitions, training, courses, trips and demonstrations.

It will particularly focus its activities for the benefit of disadvantaged children. “I am still catching my breath,” said Murray as he was set to board a flight back to Belfast.
 “I’m truly stunned. We came up with this plan first in our little ProKick gym in Belfast several years ago. It was given flesh with work I was doing with a Swiss colleague, Carl Emery and then in a flash we’re being welcomed at the UNICEF HQ in Geneva and the quest was launched. The launch was opened by the UNICEF European deputy director Mr Hans Olsen at their headquarters in Geneva. The Irish and British ambassadors were there, the current and past British consul generals were there and there were also representatives from the Swiss and other governments. The letter of support and endorsement from President McAleese was a surprise and also meant a great deal.” Murray added:
“This programme is about kids – helping them, offering them a future. I get so annoyed when I read all about how bad kids are, how they are the doomed generation. You get any kid, no matter how troubled or damaged or in fact out of control, get them into a gym, on the programme and I guarantee to offer them fresh hopes and perspectives and turn out a very different child. It has worked in the past and will work in the future.
“This isn’t some wet wishy washy thing and neither is it about teaching people to fight. It’s non-contact for juniors. It’s about getting them fit in mind and body and abiding by the central planks of my ProKick organisation and martial arts in general – Truth, discipline and respect.
“This programme is a well realised and proper leap forward. I look forward to seeing what we can do with it across the continent and across the world.”

Belfast's Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers has also backed the initiative. Prior commitments have meant he was unable to attend the launch, though the city's head of leisure services and sports development – Mr Cormac McCann spoke on his behalf.

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