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New ProKick web site launched

New ProKick web-site 2017

June 24 2017

We have launch our brand New web-site. Our old site will still be available with with and all the links having a 404 re-direct so nothing is lost. Allowing you access to all your favourite photographs, videos…

BootCamp starts 3rd July for a THREE days and just 45mins per session with the starting time of 6am.

Billy’s ProKick Bootcamp 2017

June 20 2017

Here we go again, off and running, jogging, push-ups, sit-up’s & more. There is no easy way to get fit or even to stay in shape - HARD WORK, that’s…

Pad Training for beginners boxing & kickboxing at Prokick

Boxing Drills for Beginners Part 1

June 19 2017

Boxing for the beginner, here's some tips: So you’ve finished & survived 6 weeks of basic training at a ProKick beginners course. In the next level, 'advance beginners’ you will…

Our 2nd #video on #basic #ProKick pad drills for #beginners is instrusted by #BillyMurray and demonstrated here in picture by #JohnnySwiftSmith kicking both from

Boxing & Knee Drills for Beginners Part 2

June 19 2017

Beginners guide for boxing and knee strikes from ProKick - Part 2 of our Basic boxing and Knee striking drills are caught on video with Belfast's Billy Murray. Here’s a…

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