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Michael Robinson Get his Yellow Belt on Sunday 24th June at the ProKick Gym
Johnny McClure Gets His Belt at the ProKick grading on Sunday 24th June
Adam Pierce Gets His New Yellow Belt
Emly Neill New Yellow Belter follows in her fathers footsteps
Phil Mone makes yellow belt at his grading on Sunday 24th June
Well done on passing your yellow belt - Aaron Davidson got his Yellow Belt
A chip of the old block - Jonathon with his mummy at ProKick, his mum Natalie was a fighter at ProKick
Well done to Andrew Barber for making the grade at the ProKick grading day
New yellow belter Ally Hill makes the grade
Ricky Neill passed his Orange Belt on the Friday before the Big Grading day
Four prokickers who could not make the Sunday's Grade all passed grades from Yellow, Orange and green Belt
A new 6 week kickboxing course for beginners kicked off at the ProKick Gym - over 20 new wannabe kickboxers started the sport of ProKick Kickboxing
All friends after the battle, what a great sport Kickboxing.
Belter Darren McMullan (ProKick NI) Vs lifted a WKN European Amateur Middleweight belt. It was presented by Mr Ernesto Hoost
Crowned King of Europe by the WKN top Man Mr Cabrera at the Thai-Tanic event Belfast June 10th 2012
Doctor stopped the fight, he said Demetris Sarantopolous cut was to bad and would not allow the fight to continue - He coach pictured here also wanted the fight to stop
Greek world champion Demetris Sarantopolous was under pressure here but through-out the fight he was giving as good as he was getting
K1 Style Thai-Tanic WKN Title Action  Demetris Sarantopolous takes a Knee from Darren McMullan (ProKick NI)
Darren McMullan (ProKick NI) exchanged blows with Greek world champion Demetris Sarantopolous at Thai-Tanic

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