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There was an extra Sparring and training class on Monday 13th. Just a handful took advantage of it.
Actions from Week 1 of the new Level 1 Sparring Course
Sparring action from the level 1 class
Level 1 Sparring Action at Prokick
Action from the new beginners sparring class
David Collett and Ursula Agnew kicking
Ursula Agnew took some of the 3rd level beginners through their paces
Nice kicking from Ursula to 3rd level beginner Alastair
Level 3 Sparring class show off some of their new knee skills
The 7 hero's are James O’Reilly, Alastair McMichael, Mark Winter, David Collett, Richard Collett, Lance Thompson and new comer to the tribe, Paul McClintock.
23 members signed up for the new 6 week kickboxing sparring course at the ProKick Gym