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Company HairCutters kicked-it at the Bash n Mash dinner event - star guest Super star Ernesto Hoost
Mark Bird (Left) Winner in the 1st Round as Eiberg's corner retired their fighter Kevin Eiberg of Germany
4 times K1 kickboxing Grand Prix Champion and martial arts Superstar Mr 'Perfect' Ernesto Hoost presented Kevin Eiberg of Germany with the runner-up trophy
Mark Bird takes a low kick in an Oriental rules K1 Style 4x2 match with Kevin Eiberg (Germany)
dining and hard hitting action as the Bash 'n' Mash - in attendance was none other than K1 fight legend Ernesto Hoost.
Mikey Shields won another kickboxing match in Belfast at the Hilton Hotel on June 5th at the Bash n Mash - a Points win over Sean Barrett (Waterford)
Scotland's Mikey Shields took a points win over Sean Barrett of Billy O'Sullivan's gym in Waterford.
Mikey Shields Winner Points (Scotland) Vs Sean Barrett (Waterford) the match was over 3 x 2 min rounds
Sean Barrett of Billy O'Sullivan's gym in Waterford shows his high kicks in the bout with Scotland's Mikey Shields
Face to Face Mikey-Shields-V-Sean-Barrett met to do battle at the Hilton in Belfast
Lean Carberry kicks out
Ursula Agnew lands some punches to opponent Lean Carberry
Lean Carberry in Action against ProKick's Ursula Agnew
Ursula Agnew (ProKick) Vs Lean Carberry Winner Points (Waterford)
West Belfast girl Ursula Agnew was narrowly out pointed by veteran  Lean Carberry
Michael O'Neill (Left) takes the nod from all three judges for a points win over Polish Bert Regulinski  from the Golden Dragon kickboxing club.
Michael O'Neill takes a hard punch from Polish Bert Regulinski (Golden Dragon- Polish) at the Hilton in Belfast at the Bash n Mash
Bert Regulinski lands a nice kick to Michael O'Neill at the Bash n Mash at the Hilton hotel. O'Neill won on points
Michael O'Neill before his bout with Bert Regulinskiof Poland, Michael is with Mr Perfect who was ringside for the event.
Belfast's Michael O'Neill (left) faced  Bert Regulinski over 3x2 mins rounds - First up they get the rundown from the Referee The Master Masterson

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