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Rebekah taking a warm up in the adult class
Rebekah as referee in the kids light contact sparring
Rebekah hoovering the ProKick floor
Chelsea Leigh with Rebekah
Rebekah Belton in a ProKick Summer scheme class when she was 11 years old
Rebekah has fun teaching the seniors class
Rebekah teaching at the ProKick Gym
Rebekah back in 2004
holding glory by the hand
picture took with Brendan, A key figure to the up and coming event
pad holding in the ring
pads in the ring, working on boxing in this
taking rounds on the pads
me giving the class a hard time
me holding pads for yellow and above class
The magic tickets
After a hard sparring class, We took a picture of the whole group taking part
my skills again, well... i did try but the subject was'nt the best to work with
trying out my Photographer skills on some of our prokick members
After learing the art of cleaning up the gym and moping, I then moved onto refereeing

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