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Belfast Councillor and Lord Mayor of Belfast Mr. Pat Convery welcomed the Norwegian team to the City Hall
Belfast's Ursula Agnew (Right) a ProKick fighter who faced tough Serine Blizner of Norway from Trevor Ambrose gym
Back to School for Bird and it worked and two of his school teachers came to cheer him on
happy times for David Bird as he wins over Waterford's Dylan Moron
Waterford's Dylan Moron was soon on his feet with the only thing hurt was his pride
High kicking Bird was in non stop action in his bout with young Moran
Full-Contact Rules David Bird (ProKick -takes a punch from Dylan Moran (Waterford kickboxing club)
The last time they sailed into Ireland, they met with little opposition. The Vikings have returned today – and this time they have met their matches - we’re ready!
Full-Contact Rules 60kg 3x2   Stephen Houston ( ProKick winner points) Vs Adam Welsh (Waterford Billy O'Sullivan's Gym)
Karl McBlain ( ProKick winner 1st TKO) Vs Andreas Rathke (Norway - Ambrose gym)
Greig Anderson (Scotland - ProKick winner points) Vs Tobias Hagen (Norway - Ambrose gym) K1 Style rules. 78kg 3x2 rounds
Coaches Billy Murray and Trevor Ambrose at the weigh-in
Paul Gordon beamed the Weigh-ins live on the internet
Low-kick 55-57kg 2x2 rounds Ursula Agnew (N,Ireland - ProKick winner points) Vs Shamla Therese (Norway - Ambrose gym)
Blizner weighs in for her bout against Ursula Agnew
Big James Gillen pictured with Trevor Ambrose at the weigh in for the Celts Vs Vikings
Low-Kick Kickboxing Rules over 3x2 min rounds David Foster (N,Ireland - ProKick) Vs  (prettyboy) Christensen (Norway - Ambrose gym)
Low-Kick Kickboxing Rules over 3x2 min rounds David Foster (N,Ireland - ProKick) Vs  Erling (Prettyboy) Christensen (Norway - Ambrose gym)  - Pictured is Mads Osen
Prokick broadcasted the weigh in for the Celts Vs the Vikings kickboxing event LIVE on the Internet.