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ProKick fighter Paul Best poses for a shot with opponent John Mullally
ProKick's Ursula Agnew wins again in Dublin
Ursula Agnew in action against Lindsey Doyle from Global Kickboxing Dublin
ProKick's Ursula Agnew blocks a hard roundhouse kick from Lindsey Doyle
ProKick's Ursula Agnew trades hard shots with Lindsey Doyle
Ursula Agnew demonstrating her powerful roundhouse kick
ProKick's leading lady Ursula Agnew ready to fight Lindsey Doyle
ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton celebrates his well deserved victory
Gary Fullerton feeling elated after his 1st round KO victory
ProKick's Gary Fullerton blocks yet another thunderous kick
ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton covers up from some hard shots
ProKick's Gary Fullerton delivering some effective punches
ProKick's Gary Fullerton faces his Dublin based opponent Nick Dullard
John Mullally triumphs over Paul Best
Paul Best lands a thindering low kick to the thigh of John Mullally
ProKick's Paul Best narrowly avoids a devastating right hand
Irish Champion from Dublin John Mullally lands a hard shot
ProKick's Heavyweight Paul Best in his tough bout with experienced John Mullally
ProKick's Paul Best faces off against John Mullally