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ProKick fighter Davy Foster's Swiss opponent Julien Aeschilmann
ProKick's Davy Foster covering up well as Swiss Aeschilmann takes the fight forward
Swiss fighter Julien Aeschilmann throwing a hard roundhouse kick towards Davy Foster
ProKick's Davy Foster taking the fight to the front foot against Julien Aeschilmann
Davy Foster landing a hard right hook towards opponent Julien Aeschilmann
ProKick fighter Stuart Jess poses for a friendly shot with worthy adversary Loic Jeannin
ProKick fighter Stuart Jess loses out in Switzerland against Swiss fighter Loic Jeannin
ProKick battler Stuart Jess covers up against some hard shots from opponent Loic Jeannin
ProKick's Stuart Jess trading blows with Swiss opponent Loic Jeannin
ProKick's Stuart Jess trading hard kicks with opponent Loic Jeannin
ProKick's Gary Fullerton taking his second win in 2 weeks
ProKick's adopted son from Galway Ken Horan congratulates Damien Sabas
ProKick's Gary Fullerton sends his opponent to the canvas in the opening round
ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton working on the inside against Swiss opponent Damien Sabas
ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton taking a leaf out of Ortiz's book
ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton boxing on the inside
ProKick's mini battler Stefanie McMullen was supported by her team mates after her fight
ProKick fighter Stefanie McMullen narrowly loses out on points against Swiss opponent Laeticia Mauerhofer
ProKick's Stefanie McMullen covering up well against Swiss opponent Laeticia Mauerhofer
ProKick fighter Stefanie McMullen slips a hard side kick from Laeticia Mauerhofer

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