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top man at the studio - Mr. Tsoi Tung Hiu - a champion Muay-Thai fighter also head coach and promoter
Billy asked Adele if she wanted to do tonights Blog on the plane home - this was her response
Got up-graded to first class for the 14 hour flight - Not!
champion Muay-Thai Mr. Tsoi Tung Hiu in his gym the Ring Thai and kickboxing studio in Hong Kong
Mr. Tsoi Tung Hiu with Billy Murray
Buddhist Temple in Hong Kong
At 8pm there is the biggest laser light show you'll ever see.
Nelson collected us again for more sightseeing, its perfect when some one knows exactly where to go. He took us to a fishing village 45 minutes from Kowloon.
Adele with Driver Nelson - Hong Kong China
A Buddhist Shrine on the Great Wall of China
Buddhist Shrine north of Beijing, China
Billy Murray takes some time to take in the fabulous views of Hong Kong
Sunday shopping its madness but the shop are great
Time square downtown Hong Kong
Nelson has been with the company 35 years and is 63, looks younger than me at 38 and is full of LIFE, he is a wonderful joyful man. Don't worry I'll find out what he takes. He has arranged to take us out again on Monday.
Billy and Adele on their amazing trip across China
Billy murray running on the Great Wall of China in Beijing
Billy Murray looks forward to running on the Great Wall of China
Billy Murray on the Great Wall of China
in Beijing on the Great wall of China - Billy got as far away as he could from the Prada boots

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