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A New fitness class ProKick Style Kicked off at the Kickboxing School of excellence on July 24th 2012
Kickboxing Beginners Move To Next Level - Your new class, the Advanced Beginner's, will restart next Monday commencing at 7.30pm on Monday 16th July 2012
A new 6 week kickboxing course for beginners kicked off at the ProKick Gym - over 20 new wannabe kickboxers started the sport of ProKick Kickboxing
Congratulations to all who finished theie first 6 weeks of ProKick kickboxing, the class is designed specifically for the beginner. We hope to see you all back next week.
A New fitness class ProKick Style Kicked off at the Kickboxing School of excellence
A packed house of new beginner signed up and kicked off tonight at the ProKick Gym in the east of the city - over 20 brand new kickboxer
Another packed beginners class finished on the 23/04/2012 at ProKick Gym, east Belfast
Some of the ProKick Kids who took part - They each tried to show they were the best at kicks, punches and sit-ups, in a non-contact and light contact holiday event.
Toro Toro Toro! ProKick's Boot Camp was spiced up this morning with some international favour by way of a visit from Rafa De Toro, a professional kickboxer from Spain.
ProKick senior member Anne Gallagher leads the way for the Senior grading team as she passed her 2nd Brown Belt at tonight's class.
Beginners of the six weeks of Kickboxing now move to the next level - Well done to all who finished, please Note - 7.30pm on Monday 2nd April is your next class
ProKickers from Advanced Beginner To Orange belt gathered together today, St Patrick's Day 2012 at ProKick HQ
ProKick fighter Darren McMullan with sister and new ProKick Orange Belt Lyndsay.
Mother and Daughter and also new ProKick Yellow Belts Astrid and Laura Thomson.
Kiel McGimpsey, New ProKick Yellow Belt.
Artur Nowik, New ProKick Yellow Belt.
John Morrow, New ProKick Yellow Belt.
Tibor Cervenak, New ProKick Yellow Belt.
Richard Morrow, New ProKick Yellow Belt.
James Hand, New ProKick Yellow Belt.

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