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Stuart Jess (NI) Champion Vs Bruno Torres Winner 3rd round ko (Portugal)
Mark Bird (NI) British champion Winner Points  Vs Mickey Shields(Scotland) British Champion
James Gillen (NI) Winner points Vs David Briwa (Corsica)
Jonny smith 72kg (prokick) Vs Connor Toman 75kg (Kempo Gym)
Karl McBlain (ProKick) Winner RSF 2nd round 70kg Vs Danny McAloran70kg (Kempo Gym)
Lance Thompson (ProKick) 60 kg Vs Vernon Green Winner points  (London Marty Cox Gym)
Greg Thornton from Luran Kenpo Wins by TKO over tough Polish fighter Robert Regulinski RSF 2nd round
Greg Thornton with one of his team Mr John Fox - Greg was in great form after his win over Robert Regulinski by TKO
Robert Regulinski 75kg (Golden Dragon) Vs Greg Thornton Winner RSF 2nd round (Kempo Gym)75kg
Anne Gallagher  Co.Donegall (ProKick) Vs Tracey Renow (London) (Marty Cox Gym)
Andrew McCreary (NI) Winner RSF 2nr round Vs Kieran Jamieson (Scotland)
David Bird 57kg (ProKick) Vs Peter Hamill 57kg (Kempo Gym) Winner points
Fighter, trainers, and officials and even a baby get in on the action at the part weigh-ins for the Next Generation event for Sunday 6th Dec
Stuart Jess (NI) Champion came in at 68kg for his bout with Bruno Torres who tipped the weight at 67kg (Portugal)
Mark Bird (NI) British champion hit the scales at 68kg and will face Mickey Sheilds (Scotland) British Champion who came in at 67kg