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New yellow, orange and two green belters celebrate after the grading
The ProKick grading pannel gets the brief just before kick-off
Part 1. the ProKick Kids strut their new belts this afternoon at the ProKick Gym
Jake McCready lifts his well earned Purple Belt  - Sunday July 8th
Young Tegan Keers has got her purple belt after 4 years at prokick, just two belts away from Black belt, keep it going Tegan
Young Mr Allen graded to purple belt on July 8th.
Davy Foster with daughter Kirsty age 7 after she was awarded her blue belt in the style of ProKick kickboxing, That's my girl, said Kickboxing instructor Foster
Thirteen year old George Eyre started with with three other family members now there are only two Eyre's left at ProKick, it's about staying the course well done George New Blue Belter
The ProKick Kids grading day ( Double trouble the Greenwood's) strutted their stuff to achieve their new belts on Sunday July 8th at the ProKick Gym
Joseph Millar New orange belter pictured with his Mum Karen another ProKicker
Team mates pass prokick grading on Sunday July 8th - the two buddies  Ethan took his yellow belt whilst Riley was awarded his Orange belt.
Well done all - This afternoon's grading was only for the ProKicker endeavouring to move to yellow and orange which is the 1st and 2nd levels in kickboxing ProKick style
New Green belts L-R Paul Cleland, David Filer, and daughter Amy Filer
Michael Robinson Get his Yellow Belt on Sunday 24th June at the ProKick Gym
Johnny McClure Gets His Belt at the ProKick grading on Sunday 24th June
Adam Pierce Gets His New Yellow Belt
Emly Neill New Yellow Belter follows in her fathers footsteps
Phil Mone makes yellow belt at his grading on Sunday 24th June
Well done on passing your yellow belt - Aaron Davidson got his Yellow Belt
A chip of the old block - Jonathon with his mummy at ProKick, his mum Natalie was a fighter at ProKick

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