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A Happy Gary Fullerton says it all as he wins by stoppage in the third round
All smiles after the bout. It's all fair in Love and War - that's what the sport of kickboxing is about - win or lose
Gary Fullerton kicks back at light welterweight Julien Aeschlimann
Gary Fullerton takes a kick from Julien Aeschlimann in their non-stop tit-for-tat battle.
Gary Fullerton (Left) lands a hard punch to the Chin of Julien Aeschlimann
The fighters come face-face
With no punches thrown anger the demo bouts ends as a draw
David Bird lands a high kick
Stlyish kicks from the two boys
David counters an axe kick thrown by Ryan
Adrian Moat wins his debut fight at the Hilton hotel
Adrian Moat gets words of encouragement from coach Billy Murray
Adriam moat counters a kick from Swiss fighter Boscarino
Adrian Moat lands a hard punch after slipping a punch from Thierry Boscarino
Kickboxing in Belfast - ‘The Next Generation’ - Hilton Hotel Belfast
Thanks to our Time keeper Mr Robin Stewart for both events
A Big Thanks to the Paramedics Geordie Ferguson and his team
Thanks to Julie McCluskey who was kickcounter for both events and also her husband to be Mr Gary Lingridge. Both lifted merit awards the night before.
Thanks to our resident Doctor - Dr Beattie for organising for Dr Abdul Nasir for our 2nd show on Sunday - Thank you Kindly Dr Nasir
Deep in thought – Officials L-R WKN Swiss Rep and Former World champion Mr Carl Emery with senior WKN-UK Official (ENG) Mr Bob Hunter.

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