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Mark Winter practices his counters
Paul McClintock squares up against Stuart Jess and takes a right hand on the chin.
Paul makes a good attempt at blocking in the Full contact match up
Paul practices his low leg kicks in a full contact match up - nice attempt though Paul
Level 3 willcapture the knee as well as more low leg kicking
Low leg kick surprise
Ricky Collett is about to face the music
Another one takes a tumble to the canvas as Ian encourages the guys to block
Mark take's a few kicks from world champion Ian Young but is delighted he didn't hit the canvas
Some of the beginners took to the ring with Young David Bird
David Collett throws in a right roundhouse kick to Ken Horan
Some kickboxing action from the sparring class on April Fools Day
Going, Going...
Some of the ProKick members from the sparring and fighters class before their final laps of the gym
Stuart Jess in a fundraising sparathon
Brendan Thompson shows Gary Hamilton how to kick
Brendan Thompson kicks out at Stuart Jess
Lisa McAlees struck terror into the sparring members at the fun day, from flying knees to jumping punches she done it all
Mark Winter kicks out at Stuart Jess on the FUN sparring day at ProKick

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