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Amy-Lee Tonner In Action - IMAGE

Amy-Lee Tonner In Action against Zara Archeball from Ken Horan Glaway
Amy-Lee Tonner In Action against Zara Archeball from Ken Horan Glaway : All images © Click here for full terms & conditions.
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Kickboxing at the Hilton hotel in Belfast took place on June 26th as over 20 ProKick fighters stepped into the ring to face opponents from all over Ireland. The bulk of the fight card was filled up with ProKick's first time fighters and although not everyone walked away with the win they so desperately wanted, the fight fans were not disappointed as each and every fighter gave it everything they had. A massive well done to all who fought on the show.

Amy-Lee's original opponent withdrew from the event just days before and although every attempt to fins a suitable match was made, the right opponent couldn't be found for the fight. Zara Archeball from Ken Horan's gym in Galway, a novice herself stepped up to the plate and took part in a 2 round demo against the Portadown ProKick fighter. Well done to both ladies on a fantastic kickboxing demonstration and we hope to see them both back in the ring in the future.

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