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Billy Murray meets boss Andre Keuble (right)
Billy Murray meets boss Andre Keuble (right) : All images © Click here for full terms & conditions.
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Fighter Legion is not just a web-site, we are helping build a community said: Andre Keuble owner of the popular web-site - I had the pleasure to meet Andre Keubler who is one of the hardest working Kickboxing fanatics in the business. He is a former fighter, matchmaker, bodyguard, trainer and event organiser, and now runs the very successful window to the world web-site - 'Fighter legion'. Writes Billy Murray

I've dealt with him in the past but meet up with him for the first time in person at 'It's Showtime' No. 57 & 58 in Brussels where Andre and his Web designer Peter were hard at work. taking 1000's of pictures and video all mainly back stage action, and that's just what the fans want to see but have no access too.

Keep the great work up you guy, I'll let you know when our next event is planned and hopefully you can make it over and sample a bit of Northern Irish hospitality. - 'KICKmas is Coming'

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