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New Green belts L-R Paul Cleland, David Filer, and daughter Amy Filer
New Green belts L-R Paul Cleland, David Filer, and daughter Amy Filer : All images © Click here for full terms & conditions.
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Sunday June 24 and today was crunch time for some new kickboxers at the ProKick kickboxing HQ. The new high-kickers were put through a series of moves during an examination in an attempt to move to the next level in kickboxing excellence. This afternoon's grading was only for the ProKicker endeavouring to move to yellow and orange which is the 1st and 2nd levels in kickboxing ProKick style. Just 3 ProKick students more to green level 3, well done.

A grading is when Kickboxing students, non-contact and contact, are assessed through a series of levels / grades, with the base level being White Belt, through ten levels, finally reaching a Dan grade at black belt, which is equivalent, if you like, to a degree level in KickBoxing.

This type of achievement would take, on average, between six and eight years with a training regime of on average of three to four times a week.

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