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Nuala Ward in action against Yvonne McNevin from Black Dragon Galway
Nuala Ward in action against Yvonne McNevin from Black Dragon Galway : All images © Click here for full terms & conditions.
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Kickboxing at the Hilton hotel in Belfast took place on June 26th as over 20 ProKick fighters stepped into the ring to face opponents from all over Ireland. The bulk of the fight card was filled up with ProKick's first time fighters and although not everyone walked away with the win they so desperately wanted, the fight fans were not disappointed as each and every fighter gave it everything they had. A massive well done to all who fought on the show.

Nuala Ward was the next in the line-up of ProKick 'Ladykillers' at The New Breed event on Sunday. She found herself in a tough 3 round battle with experienced Galwegian fighter Yvonne McNevin from Ken Horan's gym in Galway. The fight was close in the first two rounds, McNevin concentrating more on kicking technique and Ward countering fast on the hands but the work rate of the normally fiery Belfast fighter slowed down a little too much in the final round gave the judges no choice but to declare the fight a win for the away corner. A great display of kickboxing by both ladies and we are sure that this is not the last we will have seen from either of them.

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