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Tibor Cervenak - New ProKick Yellow Belt - IMAGE

Tibor Cervenak, New ProKick Yellow Belt.
Tibor Cervenak, New ProKick Yellow Belt. : All images © Click here for full terms & conditions.
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Tibor Cervenak, New ProKick Yellow Belt. ProKickers from Advanced Beginner To Orange belt gathered together today, St Patrick's Day 2012 at ProKick HQ to attempt their next grade and enhance further their kickboxing careers. A MAssive well done to everyone who took part and make sure to check the timetable for your new class days and/or times.


Tibor Cervenak

Thanks David ,I am like to goo theere because there is also good friendly atmosfere and I like Billy he is very good personality

By Tibor CervenakTibor Cervenak on 17 Mar 2012

David Filer

Well done Tibor

By David FilerDavid Filer on 17 Mar 2012

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