Prokick Fighters

Killian Emery

Swiss (Junior) champion

Record 11F 11W 0L 0D
Assoc. WKN - ProKick
Height 5ft 6inch
Weight 63kg
Style Full Contact - Low leg - Boxing - K1 Style
Age 30/05/1998 - 18 years old
Birthplace Switzerland

Killian is no stranger to the marital arts world, his dad is former world champion Carl Emery. The 18 year-old has started to get more serious about his training now that he is studies at school in Northern Ireland. Killian started at ProKick July in 2013 and began training at ProKick with Billy Murray.
He has his ambition set to train to professional level.

Emery had his first bout of 2015 during the Total Divas event held at the Holiday Inn on 29th March and won on points. He has massed a total of 10 fights with a 100% win record to-date. His last fight was June 5th 2016 at the Clayton hotel in Belfast on the ProKick Idols show.


What got you interested in kickboxing?
To train to fight level.
What are your future ambitions?
To become a professional fighter.

What are your hobbies outside kickboxing?
Rap, Graffitti

Favourite food?
Kebab or Mcdonald's or Chinese

Favourite film?
Notorious Biggie smalls

Favourite song?
Volts Face peur de personne

What is your occupation/job?
Still at School



Next fight is June 5th 2016 at the Clayton hotel in Belfast on the ProKick Idols.

WKN Prestige match 3x2 K1 Style 64kg
Killian Emery (Swiss) WINS 3rdTKO Vs Cristo Zino Pateros (Dutch)Killian Emery

Holiday Inn Total Divas 29/03/2015
Full-Contact rules 2x2 rounds
(Winner Points) Killian Emery (Swiss) (15) 65kg 3F Vs James Robertson (16) 67Kg 0F (Galway, IRE)

Holiday Inn Easter Show  - Sunday April 13th 2014. 
Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds

Killian Emery 59kg (15) (Winner RSF 3rd)1 LC-fight (Swiss - Belfast, NI) Vs JJ Stokes 58kg (14) 4 LC-fights

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