Prokick Fighters

Adam Craig


Record 2F 0W, 1L, 1D
Assoc. WKN - ProKick
Height 6ft
Weight 62kg
Style Full-Contact
Age Age 23
Birthplace Belfast

Adam Craig started at ProKick after his football coach brought the school football team for a week-long Billy's BootCamp to help with their conditioning. Adam then after leaving school signed-up for a six week beginners course and now is training for Green belt. Adam has trained for his first match a year ago and managed a draw. Adam's latest fight was on the undercard of the usual Suspects show Queens Hall Newtownards Sunday 5th Febuary 2017.


What got you interested in kickboxing?
W. A year or so later I started watching MMA and wanted to have a go at a martial art, having trained at Prokick before I knew it was the place to go.

What are your future ambitions?
To continue to train and improve my skills.

What are your hobbies out side kickboxing?
I'm big into football and enjoy playing when I can.

Favourite food?
Nandos or boojum

Favourite film?
Fight Club

Favourite song?
Mos Def - Mathematics

Favourite band?
Wu-Tang Clan

What is your occupation/job?
I'm a full time student but I also work part time in Tesco.

Next Fight


Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 match made at 62kg
Adam Craig (Belfast, NI) 61.7kg Vs Hamayun Nassiry 62.4kg (Peakphysique Letterkenny)
ProKick fighter Adam Craig lost on points, he had a good last round, just left it too late.

Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 63kg - DRAW
Adam Craig (Belfast, NI) Vs Michael Ryan (Golden Dragon, Magherafelt)

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