Prokick Fighters

Dougie Johnston


Record 1F 1W, 1TKO
Assoc. WKN - ProKick
Height 5ft 10
Weight Will have first fight at 85kg
Style Full-Contact
Age 05/06/73 - Age 43
Birthplace Belfast

Douglas Johnston known as Dougie by his friends at the gym will make his competitive debut in kickboxing come FEB 5th 2017 in N,Ards at the Queens Hall. Dougie a mature age of 43 will challenge himself over the next couple of months as he puts his body through a grueling fitness regime. The Customer Service Manager at Kainos Software will go through the ropes as part of the Undercard at the Usual Suspects event.


Further information about Dougie Johnston:

What got you interested in kickboxing?
I got interested in kickboxing on completion of a white collar boxing event. I loved the whole experience and wanted to continue on fighting, Kickboxing was the next stage.

What are your future ambitions?
To compete until father time tells me I can’t, get my black belt and help encourage others.

What are your hobbies out side kickboxing?
I still try to weight lift, I still play squash when I can, I spend quality time with my family, but I love kickboxing, I am there 5 days a weeks and when I am not there I wonder does the gym miss me?

Favourite food?
I love steaks and chips with brown sauce, raspberry ruffles and sports mixture.

Favourite healthy food?
Tuna, avocado and brown rice with chipotle hot sauce.

Favourite Band or Music or Artist?
I have a varied Music taste, ranging from Rammstein to Simon and Garfunkel.

Favourite holiday destination?
I love New York.

What makes you annoyed?
Being asked the same question over and over again.

What makes you annoyed?
See my previous response J.

If you could be one person who would it be and why?
Nicolas Tesla. The man was a rock star before his time

If you had a million pounds what would you buy first?
I would clear my mortgage and then go and buy an ice cold beer (alcohol free of course)

What do your friends think of you kickboxing?
They wonder why I love it so, but I have introduced 4 people in my work to it and now they understand.

What do your family think of you kickboxing?
My family are very supportive, my wife Jen does all the classes too and she loves it also.

Are you married? and how long?
Yes, 17 years in January 2017, last year I had my anniversary in Prokick this year it is on a Sunday so I suppose I will have to take Jen out.

Kids ?
Two beautiful if somewhat crazy daughters, Darcey and Heidi.

Next Fight TBA

Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 -82.3kg
Douglas Johnston (WINNER 3rd TKO) Vs Shawn Allen 83.2kg (Wolfpack Athlone)

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