Prokick Fighters

Gareth Tipping


Record 1F 1W
Assoc. WKN - ProKick
Height 5ft 10
Weight 70kg
Style Full-Contact
Age 27/5/1977
Birthplace Belfast

Gareth Tipping - age 39 - has no fight or martial arts experience - training for just over a year. Gareth currently holds a green belt at ProKick. Gareth has his first fight on the Usual Suspects undercard at the Queens Hall Newtownards Sunday 5th February 2017.


Further information about Gareth Tipping :

What got you interested in kickboxing?
I walked past the Gym one Saturday afternoon and met Mr Murray closing for the day, I asked was I too old to take up the training and he said it was never too late. Try the six week beginner course and see if you like it. I was hooked from the first class and I have now been training for about 18 months and have lost around 3 stone and I am now working towards my Blue belt. Turning 40 next year I have never felt so healthy, fit or strong doing any other sports in the past. I train at Prokick about 4-5 times a week.

What are your future ambitions?
I am currently working towards my first competitive fight and I also want to reach the grade of black belt before the age of 45. Just trying to get better and learn from the great team of instructors and members at Prokick.

What are your hobbies out side kickboxing?
I run 3-4 times a week and I am also a Massive Chelsea fan other than that just working in our family business. Spending time with my wife and little Pug.

Favourite food?
Mexican or Curry or any spicy food really (Chocoholic)

Favourite film?
Godfather and Layer Cake

Favourite song?
Rock N Roll Star

Favourite band?

What is your occupation/job?
Sales & Marketing Director at Garment Graphixs We are a branding company that supply branded workwear and leisurewear to clubs ,business and charities.

Other info Guilty pleasures Love movies and box sets and eating out when not training.

Next Fight


Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 - 69.6kg
Gareth Tipping (WINNER on Points) Vs Joe Campbell 71.1kg (Wolfpack)

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