Prokick Fighters

Henry Moore


Record 0F
Assoc. WKN - ProKick
Height 5ft 9
Weight Will have first fight at 83kg
Style Full-Contact
Age Age 40
Birthplace Belfast

Henry Moore is a late starter to ProKick Kickboxing and with no fights or martial art experience under his belt. He is currently an orange belt working his way to green and is loving the challenge. Henry is training one year. He has also has caught the fitness bug and to-date has lost close to two stone in weight . See below and there is more to follow:


Further information about Henry Moore:

What got you interested in Kickboxing?
I Stopped playing football for a number of years and missed the team element that you just don't get at the gym. I knew that it would also give me a good training focus due to the different levels to reach in the sport.

What are your future ambitions?
I want to work my way through the belts and at the same time have my first fight and push on with the competitive side.

What are your hobbies outside Kickboxing?

Generally any spare time outside work and kickboxing (which is not much!) is spent with my Wife and 2 kids aged 7 & 2 and our wider family. My son is football mad so I run after him to lot to training and matches etc and we are both mad about Liverpool for our sins!

Favourite Food?
The worst type - Chinese

Favourite Film?
The Godfather

Favourite Music?
90's Old school house music

What is your Occupation/Job?

I am self employed and have been involved in running my own business for the last 11 years.

Henry will compete as part of the Undercard at the Usual Suspects

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