Prokick Senior Members

Colin Malcolm

Club: ProKick - HQ
Level: Black
Age: 05/05/1975

Colin Malcolm joined the Pro-kick gym in 2002 and achieved his first belt October of that year.  Colin works as a lorry driver and started the gym to keep fit and learn a little bit of self defense. He’s a father to 3 girls 2 of which train at the gym and will be getting their 1st belt soon. Colin is a familiar face around the gym. Colin Achieved his black belt June 2010.


Further information about Colin Malcolm

What got you interested in kickboxing?
I started because my friends were interested - they no longer train but I`ve kept going to black belt.

What do you enjoy about it?
Everything. I love the challenge of keeping fit and in shape. I have a good interest in it and its good for self confidence.

What are your future ambitions?
To keep coming, stay fit and go further. I instructed in the past but have a young family so no longer have the time.

What do your family think of you kickboxing?
They agree with it - good self defense!

What are your hobbies outside kickboxing?
Cars - looking after cars,  and running.

Favourite food?
Spaghetti bolognese

Favourite healthy food?
Salad and baked potato

Favourite film?
Bad Boys

Favourite music?
The Script

Favourite Holiday Destination?

What makes you annoyed?
I`m not easily annoyed.

If you had a million pounds what would you buy first?
A Ferrari

Do you have any children?
Three kids - Martha 2 in 1st Feb, Molly 8 on 3rd July and Heidi 10 on 23rd May.

What is your occupation/job?
Van sales driver for Maine.

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