Prokick Senior Members

Paul Gordon

Club: ProKick HQ
Level: Black Belt
Age: 44 year old

Software Designer Paul Gordon wanted a fitter lifestyle. “I lost about 6 stone in my early 30s from getting more active and eating less and wanted an activity to keep the weight off. Thinking that you never see a fat boxer and I’d seen kickboxing on local telly, I googled for ‘kickboxing in Belfast’ and read about the beginner’s class on the early version of website. And the rest is history I signed up and have been coming regularly ever since.” Said Paul who has been at ProKick for about 16 years now. Paul still enjoying the sport has kept the weight off also helps out as an assistant instructor. The Father of two achieved his Black belt in June 2010.


Paul Gordon went on to add:
“My future ambitions are to keep progressing through the grades and continuing helping out with the classes. Wild horses probably wouldn’t get me in the ring but that’s another reason I like ProKick as they’re also there for guys like me into fitness and technique as well as the brave souls that put the headguards on. I also have an ambition that one day I’ll see controlled sparring from Desi, but maybe that’s a dream too far… (sorry, Desi ...)!”

What are your hobbies out side kickboxing?

Other forms of keeping fit and the obligatory reading, watching telly and listening to music. Also a part-time referee in squabbles between the kids.

Favourite food?

Anything Italian, with a particular weakness for lasagne.

Favourite film?

 ‘American Pie’ and anything funny or with car chases and explosions. I’m not a big fan of ‘challenging’ films.

Favourite song?

‘Enjoy the Silence’ by Depeche Mode

Favourite band?

Depeche Mode and 80s synth bands. I was a New Romantic in my teens, but thankfully avoided the frilly shirts, big hair and mascara.

What is your occupation/job?

Official title is ‘Software Designer’ but ‘working in computers’ generally means more to people.

Other information?

Approaching 46, married for 211 years and two kids (2 sulky teenagers).

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