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For those of you who want to know a bit more about our six week beginners kickboxing course, here is a video that will help you to understand a bit more about what we do. As a ProKick beginner you will be taken through the fundamental basics of the system we teach beginning with formulating a fighting stance and correct posture through to basic punches, kicks and evasive techniques.

All of this and you will increase not only your fitness, flexibility and health but become a more confident person. Our system has been tried and tested in and out of the ring for over 30 years and includes not just traditional kickboxing techniques but also the knee and elbow strikes taught in Muay Thai.

For information how you can make the amazing transformation these guys did, click our Beginners Page link, telephone ProKick HQ on (028) 9065 1074 or email us your details to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Olu Akano

Can you send me your prices for the beginners course please? Do you take installmental payments or it has to be paid at once? Thanks.


By Olu AkanoOlu Akano on 07 May 2014



Would you be able to tell if there are any places left in the begginers program.

And if the price you have to pay upront or on a weekly basis?

thanks Chloe

By ChloeChloe on 23 Jul 2012

Zara McDowell


Can you tell me how much the beginners course is and do you have to pay upfront or on a weekly basis?
((((ProKick EDIT - Info has been sent to your email address,))))))



By Zara McDowellZara McDowell on 26 Jun 2012


I can highly recommend the beginners course regardless of your age, background, colour or hair-cut. It will do exactly what it says above in a v.disciplined and v.professional manner.

I can say this because I’ve done it!

By GavinGavin on 03 Mar 2012

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