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Circuit Training For Strength and Conditioning - VIDEO

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This Video is of a ProKick style circuit training class for strength and conditioning. it was shoot in a normal class on Wednesday the 11th July 2012. Here at ProKick we have a lots of different Level of Pads & circuit classes, some more extreme than others. We tailor classes from just normal keep-fit classes, kickboxing style - right up to the top end were fighters are fighting for international and championship matches.

This class in the video was an open class which was open to all ProKick members from all levels from beginners right up to the competitor, There was also a monster Pads class which came right after the circuit training class, we will bring that to you at a later date.

We pull no punches in our classes at ProKick - we take what do here extremely serious and expect the same in return: Billy Murray.


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