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Darren McMullan Vs Sean O’Neill at Summer Kicks Belfast - VIDEO

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Hard hitting knock-down Full-Contact kickboxing video action from Belfast. Darren McMullen has never been in a dull fight, check this video out as he faced tough guy Sean O'Neill from Waterford at ProKick's 'Summer kicks'. Good fights, good show and great audience were on display at ProKick's 'Summer Kicks' at the Holiday Inn Belfast Sunday 30th June 2013. ProKick fighters from world champion to the novice competitors went through the ropes to feature along side each other in an International kickboxing event which brought people together from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France along with the home nations. Darren McMullan (ProKick) Vs Sean O'Neill (Winner Points) (Waterford Kickboxing) was over 4x2 minute rounds of full-contact kickboxing action.


Tibor Cervenak

Battle. Congratulation really hard fight

By Tibor CervenakTibor Cervenak on 26 Jul 2013

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