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Fighting Breaks out at UN - Video

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Fighting breaks out at UN International Day of Peace at the Place des Nations - ProKick members kicked and punched outside the UN HQ Geneva. Switzerland better associated with Chocolate, watches and very rich people. However, for one day and one day only member of the ProKick Gym in Belfast along with Ken Horan from Galway ROI - all took part as 'The PeaceFighters at the ' Geneva World Peace Festival' on the International Day of peace Geneva 21st September Click here to return to article A special thanks to: Caroline Schwab, President-Founder Geneva World Peace Festival and Forum.


Caroline Schwab

Cher amis, pourrais-je obtenir une copie “youtube” de cette vidéo?  Je suis la fondatrice du Geneva World Peace.  J’aimerais la placer dans notre site TV:  Merci bcp d’avance

By Caroline SchwabCaroline Schwab on 04 May 2013

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