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Johnny Smith faced Shane Bernhauser - VIDEO

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ProKick team arrived back from Marty Cox event in London. Johnny Smith face Shane Bernhauser and both boys fought to a stand-still over 3 rounds, judges declared it a draw. Ringsiders thought the Belfast lad was a clear winner! More on this match later. You can see more on Smith Vs Bernhauser - Smith knocked his opponent down in the opening seconds of round No.1 but Shane Bernhauser wasn't given a count, referee Mr Fowls said no knock down. First two rounds Smith was the aggressor going forward and landing a wide variety of technique. In the 3rd Smith took his foot of the gas pedal allowing Bernhauser to dictate the last round - however in the closing seconds of the final round Smith put the pressure on once again forcing and keeping Shane in a neutral corner until the final bell. Smith was confident he'd done enough to have the nod from the judges. Top MC Mr Martin read out that so for, this bout was the fight of the day and saying that the judges had it a draw. It went a judge each and the third judge give it a draw. Well done both boys. All and all a good day, well spent on a Snday afternoon in London. Big thanks to the Cox duo Marty Sen & Jr - tough show for the Father & Son Cox - they had loads of people droping out - but they pulled it off and put on a super Sunday afternoon show. Well done you two and thanks for looking after us as normal.


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