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Karl McBlain Belfast Vs Andreas Rathke Norway - Video

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Belfast's Karl McBlain was in a Low-Kick Style rules. at 70 over 3x2 rounds and he faced Andreas Rathke of Norway from Trevor Ambrose gym. A packed out Holiday Inn saw 12 action filled fights at the Holiday Inn as the Norwegians swept in hoping to leave with a string of victories under their belt. However not this time it was not to be as the Celts took centre stage with a whopping 11 wins, 8 of those against the Norwegians who managed to go home with one victory. There were too many star performances to single out as fight of the night but four top runners were Ursula Agnew who fought two different opponents with a win on both displays, young David Bird who came back from a losing streak to take a first round KO against Dylan Morran who he lost to last June at the Bash n Mash, Johnny Smith who fought a very tough fight with a slugger from Norway with true Viking spirit and last but by no means least young Stephen Houston who after one year after his first fight a loss, came back to the drawing board a completely different fighter in every way beating Waterford's Adam Walsh. Karl McBlain had a another successful win by the short route after knocking his opponent down three times in the first round, Andreas Rathke felt the heavy blows from McBlain. The hard hitting McBlain is now two wins by KO.


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